One of the key capabilities of Ivanti Cloud is the ability to gather data from multiple IT sources and then present recommendations about what to do next. We call this capability, Smart Advisors. In this quick take from an Ivanti Cloud Momentum customer webinar, Rex and Adam provide an overview of the benefits, set up a few scenarios, and then demonstrate how you can gain greater insight through Smart Advisors to help you take action in your IT organization. Some of the Smart Advisor scenarios include:

Windows Lifecycle

Reimage or replace a device, which gives you a recommendation as to what devices you should reimage or upgrade to Windows 10, and which ones you should do through a hardware refresh.

Device Reconciliation

Correlate data from different sources—like your endpoint management system and Active Directory (AD) data—to let you know definitively what devices you have, so you can better manage, monitor, and account for those devices.

Patch Intelligence

Helps bridge the gap between security and operations by mapping the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)s to the patches, giving you better assurance that you’re covered.

See the demos as part of this quick take from the Ivanti Cloud customer webinar below.

Ivanti Cloud-Smart Advisor and Patch Intellligence Demo—Momentum Vlog

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