Customers are finding a lot of value in the real-time capabilities within Ivanti Cloud. In this quick take of an Ivanti Momentum customer webinar, Rex and Adam discuss the value of Real-time, especially when it comes to cybersecurity scenarios. To start off with, Rex tells about a personal experience supporting a customer in what looked like a security breach. He then points out how he would handle that same security situation much differently using Ivanti Cloud’s real-time capabilities.

Other scenarios that are talked about and demoed in this quick take webinar include:

  • Detecting things like firewall or drive encryption status
  • Re-enabling security settings through automation
  • Geo filtering by drawing a selection box around a location
  • Keeping a consistent query going, so you can catch devices that haven’t connected yet

There is a lot you can do with the easy to use real-time capabilities. Watch this quick take webinar:

Ivanti Cloud-Real-Time Security Demo—Momentum Vlog

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