If you can’t unify your data, then you have no shot at unifying IT. However, unifying data is one of the hardest things to do in a way that you’re set up to gain deep insights and take action all in one fell swoop.

In this Ivanti Insights vlog, we take a section of a Momentum customer webinar and focus on Data Services. Rex and Adam set up the topic and point to the multiple ways that Ivanti Cloud aggregates, normalizes, reconciles, correlates, and leverages your IT data. You’ll also see demonstrations about the following:

  • Where to start in order to bring your data into Ivanti Cloud
  • Gathering real-time data using the cloud agent
  • Understanding the Device View and what data is presented
  • How to set up connectors to your different data sources

Data Services in Ivanti Cloud doesn’t often get the spotlight, but it does a lot of the behind the scenes dirty work when it comes to unifying and preparing your data for consumption. Watch this quick take webinar now.

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