At the Fusion 2017 conference in Orlando, Ivanti attracted a lot of attention – and not just because of the guy in the booth in the scary clown outfit. Herewith, some notes from our discussions with attendees at the show.

ITSM: It’s About the Business Now

Breaking news: business people don’t care about service level agreements (SLAs) any more, if they ever really did. And the old ways of thinking are inadequate for the journey toward digital transformation.

Those were key take-aways from the sessions given by Ivanti Director, ITSM Americas (and renown IT and ITSM evangelist) Matt Hooper. As Matt pointed out, if you had an SLA with your significant other, then told that person you were “99 percent compliant” with that agreement, your relationship would likely still be in a world of trouble.

Matt also reminded his audiences that new technology options demand new ways of doing things from IT. For example, requesting and spinning up new computing resources used to take days, if not weeks or months. This gave IT ample time to respond to, prioritize, and manage those new resource requests. Today, anyone with a credit card and an idea can go online and create a virtual server in minutes, if not seconds. Clearly, new, faster responses are required.

ITSM: Do It by the Book

The session given by Ivanti Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives Kevin J. Smith was also well attended, as was the follow-on book signing. Kevin is the author of The Practical Guide To World-Class IT Service Management. In his Fusion session, Kevin laid out six significant factors that are transforming ITSM. In his book, Kevin outlines the “6 Core” and “12 World-Class” processes needed to deliver high-performance service management in the modern enterprise.

Hundreds of Fusion attendees lined up for a signed copy of Kevin’s book, even though the signing was on the last day of the conference. (Apparently, they needed something to read on the flight home to get that scary clown image out of their minds.)

World-Class ITSM and More: Ivanti Can Help

We talked with hundreds of attendees about their ITSM challenges and future plans. Many expressed their need and desire to move beyond tracking tickets and incidents, to incorporate more security into their processes, or to stop paying for unused software. We also showed many how features such as voice-enabled self-service and flexible, actionable reporting can ease, speed, and improve phone interactions, for both callers and responders.

As many Fusion attendees discovered, Ivanti has modern, effective solutions for ITSM, and for other critical enterprise IT tasks. Want to improve delivery of IT and business services? Ivanti can help. Need more and better IT asset management? Ivanti can help you discover and inventory your assets, manage them across their lifecycles, survive your next audit, and reduce your hardware and software costs. Need better cybersecurity? Ivanti can help improve patch management of your endpoints and servers, fight malware more effectively, and gain greater control over your users’ applications, devices, and privileges.

Check out our solutions online. Then, get in touch with Ivanti, and let us help you help your organization tap into The Power of Unified IT™.