AI, security breaches, voice automation, a rise in flip phone sales... these are just a few of the IT predictions people are making for 2019 and beyond.

Here are some of the IT predictions we've received:

  • AI and voice automation are going to be the trend.

  • AI will continue to become more and more prevalent in IT and daily life.

  • Automation (especially in retail) and IT advancements in healthcare.

  • Automation, automation, automation

  • Better user experience

  • Cloud

  • Companies that have their own data centers will get out of them and into colocation services.

  • Data analytics

  • I have seen a growing trend in business of adoption technology based on appearance. More products will be focusing on the UX, GUI and reporting functions.

  • I think the first streaming-only game console will be announced.

  • I'm really hoping for quantum computing!

  • IoT

  • IoT hacks will become more and more common.

  • IT departments will include IoT and analytics sections.

  • More AI, more and improved automation, more skilled workers need to support and develop quality automation.

  • More automation, partially based on AI and self-learning capabilities.

  • More businesses will adopt cloud solutions, and there will be a major breach in cloud security.

  • More cloud

  • People will begin to purchase flip phones again.

  • Security and automation will take a greater focus throughout this year.

  • Security breaches from IoT devices will continue to rise. Users will demand more control/verification of their privacy, and 5g will still not be widely available.

  • Security increases and threats evaded.

  • The convergence of things through API's.

  • The perimeter will mostly move from the site to the endpoint. The difference between on-network and off-network will become nearly meaningless.

  • Widespread adoption and use of machine learning and AI in service areas (phone, web, chat, email).

Expert predictions for 2019 and beyond