Of course, we all want our colleagues (and ourselves) to be happy, or at least not unhappy, at work. Workers who are happy, or at least not unhappy, tend to be more productive and easier to get along with, after all. But what about our workplaces?

[Brace yourself: new acronym alert.]

As Ivanti experts and customers made clear during several sessions at our recent Sales Kickoff made clear, your workplace should, in fact, be as “SAD” as possible. Fortunately, in this context, this isn’t about worker unhappiness. Instead, “SAD,” in this case, stands for secure, automated, and digital.


With hacking, phishing, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) and ransomware attacks on the rise, the need for workplace security has never been greater. And if your workplace is like most, whatever you’ve been doing to make it more secure just isn’t enough anymore.

You need a tightly coordinated, proactive, multi-layered set of tools and processes to maximize protection of your users, endpoints, and information, and minimize disruptions caused by successful attacks.


Automation of mundane, frequently repeated operational IT and cybersecurity tasks results in fewer errors, lower costs, more consistent task execution, and better compliance with regulations, processes, and proven best practices. It also creates more opportunities to focus IT and security people and their skills on more complex, higher-value tasks, increasing their satisfaction and contributions to the enterprise’s success. (It can also help to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap, without the efforts and costs involved in finding, recruiting, and hiring scarce and expensive additional personnel.)


As our new HEAT Software colleagues have been saying for some time, a truly digital workplace means much more than replacing pencils, pens, and paper with PCs, laptops, and digital storage. A well-designed and well-managed digital workplace enables greater levels of security and automation, makes collaboration more frictionless, and shortens time to action across the enterprise. It also eases and speeds tasks such as operating system migrations—hello, Windows 10!—and provides a firm, flexible foundation for true digital transformation of the enterprise and how it does business.

Make your workplace “SAD” with Ivanti

To achieve these goals, your enterprise needs tools and processes that enable consistent, pervasive, and effective endpoint management, whether those endpoints are servers in the datacenter or the cloud or smartphones in users’ pockets. That endpoint management must be complemented by effective, comprehensive management of all other business-critical assets, and of all IT-enabled services. And proactive, multi-layered security management must surround and support those IT asset management (ITAM) and IT service management (ITSM) efforts.

Those ITAM, ITSM, and security management processes and tools must work together in consolidated, actionable ways. In short, your IT solutions must help you and your team to discover and see your entire environment, assess its state accurately at any time, and take action wherever and whenever necessary. Put another way, if you want a “SAD” workplace, you need IT that enables those responsible for IT and security operations to—warning: acronym recycling in progress—see, assess, and do what’s needed.

Ivanti offers a complete portfolio of ITAM, ITSM, endpoint, and security management solutions designed specifically to help you to achieve and maintain the goals of a truly secure, automated, and digital workplace. Check those solutions out online, or contact your Ivanti representative today. Learn how to make your enterprise happier and more productive by making it more “SAD.”

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