February is coming to a close, but things in Ivanti-land have never been more poppin’. This ICYMI (in case you missed it) is a condensed version of everything that went down the previous week, plus a little sneak peek of the week to come. With such a comprehensive recap at your fingertips, consider yourself #blessed.

In the News: New Ivanti Marketplace

Announced in a press release this week, Ivanti launched an online marketplace to provide cross-portfolio tools, connectors, add-ons, and solutions so customers can make the most out of their Ivanti products. The marketplace can be found at marketplace.ivanti.com. Here are some key quotes from the press release:

  • “Incorporating new content from Ivanti and content from Landesk, HEAT Software and RES, the new Ivanti Marketplace is a one-stop storefront for customers that want to make the most of their investment in Ivanti products.”
  • “IT budgets are tight and as such today’s enterprises need new ways to get the most out of their IT investments so that they may better unify IT operations and security…We’ve built the Ivanti Marketplace to provide the tools and functional extensions customers look for to accelerate their ability to deliver new solutions and initiatives while reducing cost and risk.”
  • “The Ivanti Marketplace…gives customers the ability to solve business challenges faster, with prebuilt content, connectors and integrations, developed by Ivanti and Ivanti One Partners.”

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Coming Up

You can hang out with your favorite British Ivanti peeps this week at the Ctirix Partner Accelerator Conference in London and the ITSMF Self Service Conference in Birmingham. There is also a VLCM IT Exchange event in Utah you can visit us at. If you don’t want to put on pants and leave the house, we recommend a great webinar about how to ease Windows 10 migrations and more.