Last month, we re-introduced ourselves as a whole new brand. Traditionally, a brand refresh means new colors, a new logo and a new website, but we no longer work in a traditional world – and we are not a traditional tech brand. Work from home (WFH) has become work from everywhere (WFE) and well before the world’s rapid shift to WFH, Ivanti was planning, strategizing and implementing a work environment for the Everywhere Workplace.

People are at the core of everything we stand for. At Ivanti, we help employees do what they need to do, where and when they need to do it with technology that makes it simple to discover, manage, secure, and service the Everywhere Workplace. At Ivanti, we make the Everywhere Workplace possible.  

For us, our new brand isn’t just about a fresh look. It’s about a way of life for our employees and our customers. People are at the core of everything we stand for and everything we do and that’s exactly why Ivanti’s brand launch in April did not stop there. It continues with our employees and customers every day.

The Ivanti Everywhere Workplace Employee MVP

We started with our people first.

We got our employees engaged by asking them to showcase their Everywhere Workplace and participate in daily activities.

We launched an internal Ivanti Brand Battle and the participation was phenomenal!

We watched and we listened as the rolling thunder of employee brand activity came in and we tallied up points every day for an entire week.

The Ivanti Brand MVP of the Brand Battle is Allie Brandon! She completed 26 of the Brand Battle activities and single-handedly earned 780 points for her team.

Employee Center Stage Interview

Tell us about yourself.

Allie: I live in Colorado but was born in England. My dad was in the Airforce so was able to live in several places as a child. I have an amazing supportive husband, 4 kids (3 boys and 1 girl), and my puppy Penny. I’m always looking at each day with positivity and adventure. I’m extremely optimistic and it drives my husband nuts. I have a green thumb and an abundance of plants, inside and out at my house. My absolute favorites are wildflowers. Any chance I can get I head to the beach, all vacations seem to be surrounded by water.

How did you join Ivanti?

Allie: I joined Ivanti through the recent Cherwell Acquisition.

What do you do at Ivanti?

Allie: I support people success in all the work I do. My technical title is HR Specialist but I seem to support all parts of Human Resources regardless of my title.

What drove your participation in Brand Battle?

Allie: A big reason I jumped on participating in the Brand Battle was to learn about the company and meet some of my new colleagues.

What were the benefits of participating in Brand Battle?

Allie: Biggest benefit for me was employee engagement and getting to know my new coworkers across the globe.

In your opinion, what set you apart from others actively participating so that you won the title of MVP?

Allie: I really tried to make the brand battle fun and engaged on social platforms with my coworkers. I took some time each day to tackle all daily activities in the Brand Battle but I just stayed with it during the week.

What has your experience been like so far as an employee at Ivanti?

Allie: So far so good! I am still learning my role and getting to know all the great people at Ivanti. I am excited to build new networks collaborate with my coworkers.

We aren’t stopping with our employees either. We just announced the customer #EverywhereWorkplace Challenge taking place over the entire month of May. Winning prizes consist of a DJI Mavic Air 2, Sonos Indoor Outdoor Speaker Set, Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset, and an Apple iPad Pro 11” 256GB.

Learn about the official rules here.

As you can see, the new Ivanti brand isn’t a one and done event. As the world continues to work from everywhere, we will continue to be here to enable productivity and security. And we might just throw some prizes into the mix as well.

Learn more about how Ivanti can make the Everywhere Workplace possible here