In my introduction to this blog series, I talked about why Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM) is more relevant than ever before.  While reading this blog put your own experiences into perspective with how you and your company were forced to work during COVID-19.

R – Remote Control, Remote Access, Remote Workers, Remote Execution, Remote Control Tunnel, Replication, Rugged Devices, Rollout Projects, Rogue devices, Ransomware, Raspbian (RaspberryPi)

S – Software Discovery, Software distribution, Self-service portal, Self-electing subnet services, Secure enclave, Software-as-a-Service, Server Based Computing (SBC)

Why are all these terms important to you and your business? Ivanti UEM gives you the ability to manage or deploy all these items.  Ivanti’s pillars for UEM success are: Discover, Manage, Secure and Service.  Throughout this blog series you will find out more about these key pillars and how they will lead to your success.

So, by now if you’ve read my previous three parts (part 1, part 2, and part 3) you are probably thinking this guy is just looking to hit every search engine query. While you might be partially correct , that isn’t the intention. Take a look at all the terms for only ‘R’ and ‘S’ and you’ll recognize that UEM is truly all-encompassing. You will also notice that these terms are mostly based around the devices and the way users access applications and data.

In 2020 the world saw a new employee population that was required to work from home or in a social-distanced setting. In the “old days” you could go visit a desk and watch over the shoulder of a person to see what was going on or even touch their keyboard and mouse to take control with your own hands.  Now we see ourselves remaining distanced and likely refraining from touching surfaces that others use.  Remote control and remote execution are two methods that Ivanti UEM has built in that allow support staff to assist users in need of assistance. Remote Control is important for devices that are on your corporate network as well as off your network which Ivanti provides a seamless method to connect to devices in either scenario. With the releases of Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2021.1 you can also remote control RDP sessions. Technicians can record the screen for playback at a later time for troubleshooting if needed. Remote execution allows a technician to run an executable or command from their location to an end user to assist them as well.

Other times users may be able to utilize a self-service portal to allow for a server-based computing (SBC) application (i.e. Citrix, RDS, WVD (now AVD), etc.) or software to be distributed from a file server or web service. Ivanti can provide users a simple way to have applications, including the applications and updates required for the SBC based applications, delivered to their device and provide the security around the device to help minimize ransomware or threats from rogue devices on the network or internet.

SBC based workloads often are CPU or memory constrained or even both. While applications on a desktop or laptop have these same restrictions, an SBC deployment these issues can be detrimental to the usability for other users on the shared infrastructure. Even with the migration to cloud hosted workloads this is still an issue. Ivanti UWM, which is part of the UEM umbrella, can help with managing the performance of these types of applications allowing IT to have better control of the performance of the entire user base plus save on the costs of server/data center or cloud computing.

Ivanti UEM can help you secure non-traditional IT devices such as rugged handhelds (ie. Zebra devices), Halolens 2, Apple tvOS and the newly popular RaspberryPi devices that are showing up for all sorts of computing needs.

What’s in it for your management and leadership team? Ivanti Neurons along with UEM provide deep analytics into discovering all the devices and application on your network whether they are managed by an Ivanti Agent, or not. With these analytics we have in-depth reports that we can provide IT as well as executive reports/dashboards. These analytics also can provide proactive alerting to your inbox.

When considering your UEM solution remember that Ivanti will allow you to achieve your Everywhere Workplace.