In my introduction to this blog series, I talked about why Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is more relevant than ever before. While reading this blog put your own experiences into perspective with how you and your company were forced to work during COVID-19.

N – Neurons, Network Optimization, Network view

O – OS Provisioning, Off-network, Offline, on-demand VPN, online

P – Patching, Policy Management, Performance Manager, Package Studio, Preferred Server, PXE, Peer download, Per-app VPN, Personas, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Push Notifications, Public/Private Cloud

Q – Query, Quarantine

Why are all these terms important to you and your business? Ivanti UEM gives you the ability to manage or deploy all these items. Ivanti’s pillars for UEM success are: Discover, Manage, Secure and Service.  Throughout this blog series you will find out more about these key pillars and how they will lead to your success.

Neurons is the newest offering from Ivanti. It is a cloud hosted services that offers machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence to help you discover, manage, secure and provide the best service to your users. 

If you look at the list above, you’ll notice that the letter “P” has a large number of words related to UEM.  Understanding how a user’s persona functions for their workflow is key to understand the best way to manage their policies, patching and performance of their applications. Does a user require the need to be offline or off-network? Do they need a VPN that is specific for only a particular application? Do they need to be online and connected to a PaaS or public or private cloud for an application or virtual desktop? What is their network connection like? Do they share it with a small office, large office or are they a work from home user and share it with the family or neighborhood?

Asking yourself all these questions and more can help you perfect your users’ experiences when connecting to work applications and data. Ivanti UEM allows you to provide the mixture of settings based on the answers to all of these questions. By leveraging the Ivanti UEM provided network view you can get a big picture understanding of user and device layout to proactively design your deployment to locations where having a preferred download server to allow for network optimization for software and update deployments would benefit, or where your users may benefit from leveraging a cloud hosted storage option inside of your Azure or AWS subscription.

Ivanti’s extensive collection of data allows you to leverage SQL queries, Ivanti provided reports or third party query tools to get the exact data you need.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic many of us were required by law to shelter in place in our homes and stay in direct contact with only our immediate family members. Ivanti Application Control allows a similar type of quarantine but for your devices. If a device is deemed to be compromised, Ivanti will automatically quarantine the device, but allow the Ivanti management tools to connect and fix the issues while not allowing any other communication from the device until the issue can be rectified and put back online.

What’s in it for your management and leadership team? Ivanti Neurons along with UEM provide deep analytics into all the devices on your network whether they are managed by an Ivanti Agent, or not.  With these analytics we have in-depth reports that we can provide IT as well as executive reports/dashboards. These analytics also can provide proactive alerting to your inbox.

There are many more terms listed that I didn’t cover in this blog. Stay tuned for how they fit in with other terms in this blog series.

When considering your UEM solution remember that Ivanti will allow you to achieve your Everywhere Workplace.