In my introduction to this blog series, I talked about why Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is more relevant than ever before. In this second part of the ABC’s of UEM series I will talk about the next set of letters and how they tie into Ivanti. While reading this blog put your own experiences into perspective with how you and your company were forced to work during COVID-19.

E – Endpoint Manager/Management, Environment Manager/Management, Everywhere Workplace, Executive Report, Edge Devices, End User Computing (EUC)

F – FileVault, File Director

G – Gantt Charts

H – HTML5, Hardware Independent Imaging (HII)

I – Ivanti, Inventory, Images, InstallEase, IoT, Identity and Access Management, iOS, iPadOS

L – Lifecycle Management, Linux, Legacy Software/Systems

M – Modern Device Management (MDM), Monitoring, Multicast, Managed Systems, MobileIron, MacOS, Medical Devices, Machine Learning (ML)

Why are all these terms important to you and your business? Ivanti UEM gives you the ability to manage or deploy all these items. Ivanti’s pillars for UEM success are: Discover, Manage, Secure and Service.  Throughout this blog series you will find out more about these key pillars and how they will lead to your success.

Endpoint management is the key to controlling your companies’ servers, desktops, IoT devices, applications and data.  Without a true UEM solution you are likely using individual solutions to manage application deployments and others to scan your environment for capturing inventory of known devices and unknown/rogue devices. Ivanti UEM can do all of these and more. Ivanti leverages several methods for doing discovery network scans. First off, you can do a manual scan of your network to do an inventory of devices you have. This scan will also get information from the devices on the network for what is installed. These details can be captured either from a device with an Ivanti endpoint agent or any device that is part of a trusted active directory domain (agentless discovery) or using NMAP for determining what the device actually is. Ivanti’s discovery process occurs at the subnet level where information is scanned for by a delegated representative and sent to the Core to avoid all devices talking across the network. Any scan after the initial one will only capture incremental changes to avoid sending unnecessary data across the network. Studies have shown that using Ivanti’s UEM solution can help you find 30% more devices on your network than using other stand-alone tools.  Remember in my intro to this blog I mentioned there are 90 devices discovered on my network. That is up from 63 the first time I ran the discovery a few weeks ago. It has captured other IoT devices and even my house guests’ phones when they join my network.

End User Computing is a term that related to anything that a user does on a device whether it is accessing an application or data from the device they are on or from a virtual environment leveraging one of the many virtual application and desktop providers on-premises or in the cloud. For virtual workloads, Ivanti solutions have proven to increase your scalability by 40%.  If you are running in the cloud this means less cloud computing costs, or in the data center you have fewer servers to purchase, manage and lifecycle.

If your company is still in your Windows 10 rollout, a journey to cloud hosted desktop workloads or just imaging new machines before deployment out to your end users, Ivanti solutions can help with OS deployment leveraging industry standard tools such as Autopilot, PXE and machine imaging for Windows and tablet devices including HII capabilities to make sure the right drivers and only the pertinent drivers are installed. Ivanti can also assist in management and configuration of MacOS (including apps from the app store) and many Linux versions. In part one of this series, I talked about the benefits of Ivanti for application lifecycle management.

What’s in it for your management and leadership team? Ivanti provides deep analytics into all the devices on your network whether they are managed by an Ivanti Agent, or not. With these analytics we have in-depth reports that we can provide IT as well as executive reports/dashboards. These analytics also can provide proactive alerting to your inbox.

There are many more terms listed that I didn’t cover in this blog. Stay tuned for how they fit in with other terms in this blog series.

When considering your UEM solution remember that Ivanti will allow you to achieve your Everywhere Workplace.