Work Anywhere. Secure Everywhere.

Build a comprehensive, scalable and industry framework-aligned cybersecurity strategy fit for your organization's work environment. We’ll show you how.

Ivanti Secure - Prioritize, Automate, and Manage Your Cybersecurity

Destination known

Enhanced security posture. Continuous risk management. Reduced disruption. You know where you need to be. But getting there? It’s a challenge.

That’s where Ivanti comes in. We’ll work with you every step of the way to build a comprehensive, scalable and framework-aligned cybersecurity strategy. One that’s designed for Everywhere Work and spans the full spectrum of risk and security management—from users and their devices to networks, applications and data.

Start your cybersecurity journey

We've got your M.A.P.

Knowing where to start is half the battle. To make it easy, we’ve broken the journey to secure Everywhere Work into three phases—Manage, Automate and Prioritize, or M.A.P, for short.


Lay the foundation.

Know what you own—and what you’re up against. Gain visibility into who your users are and the devices and applications they’re using to better understand where your vulnerabilities lie. Then, manage, configure and secure it all to a known state.


Alleviate the burden.

Free up resources by automating repetitive, manual processes like maintaining inventory, on-boarding devices and deploying workspaces and applications. Add self-healing and self-service solutions to further reduce the need for IT intervention.


Direct your resources to the most pressing threats.

Eliminate the guesswork and take a strategic approach to risk mitigation and remediation. Give IT the information and ability to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities based on active risk exposure, reliability and compliance.

Three phases. Six steps. One comprehensive cybersecurity program.

Ivanti’s comprehensive cybersecurity approach is aligned to leading frameworks such as NIST, CIS and Zero Trust. It makes securing Everywhere Work not just possible—but achievable.

Step 1

Get complete asset visibility

You can’t effectively manage and protect your assets if you can’t see them. Start your cybersecurity journey by ensuring you have complete asset visibility over your IT landscape.

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Step 2

Manage devices in a single platform

With visibility achieved, manage, configure and secure every device from one simple user interface—whether in the office, traveling or working from home.

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Step 3

Establish device hygiene

Get up-to-the-minute insight about every patch and the associated vulnerabilities at your endpoints. Then, automatically prioritize response and remediate vulnerabilities based on the likelihood of a breach.

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Finally, further strengthen your security posture by implementing technology to defend and remediate threats particular to mobile devices.

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Step 4

Secure your users

Eliminate the cause of 61% of data breaches: Passwords. Opt for passwordless authentication with secure mobile devices as the means for user identity.

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Step 5

Provide secure access

Leverage a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approach that creates an identity-and-context based, logical access boundary around applications to reduce your attack surface.

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Step 6

Manage your compliance and risk

Don’t invest heavily in cyber-threat detection and prevention solutions only to rely on spreadsheets to define policy and controls, mitigate risks and manage compliance. Make sense of it all—and fully optimize your cybersecurity management and spend—with an automated Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution.

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M.A.P. Your Cybersecurity Journey

Six steps to a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity for the Everywhere Workplace.

Securing Everywhere Work has never been more important—or pressing

Endpoints, ever-growing.

Vulnerability exposure points have multiped since the advent of the Everywhere Workplace. And with 70% of professionals indicating they’d opt for remote work over a promotion, there’s no going back.

Too much to secure. Too few resources to do it.

More than half of IT and security teams claim that simply organizing and prioritizing vulnerabilities takes up most of their time. That’s no recipe for success.

Evolving threats. Bigger impact.

Threats continue to grow in both frequency and sophistication, with 59% of organizations victimized by ransomware in the past year—to the average tune of $4.24 million dollars.

With Ivanti, we can confidently ensure that only trusted devices are able to access our business apps, and we know that the latest security configurations are always pushed to their devices. Since we’ve moved to the cloud and Zero Sign-On, we feel even better about the security of our cloud apps, which are easier and more cost-effective to manage than ever.

The solutions that make it all possible

Discovery Solutions

Get real-time visibility of your assets.

Unified Endpoint Management Solutions

Manage and deliver optimal experiences across all types of devices – everywhere.

Mobile Threat Defense

Defend and remediate threats targeting mobile devices.

Patch Management Solutions

Achieve faster and more effective vulnerability remediation.

Secure Access Solutions

Get zero trust access built for secure remote work.

GRC Solutions

Reign in risk and cybersecurity spend.