I need tomanage my mobile devices.


Protect corporate data while preserving the native user experience.
Management of all endpoints in a single management system.


Flexible options for MDM, enrollment, app deployment, and compliance.


Embrace mobile productivity while safeguarding data with mobile device management

Thank goodness it's not a circus for IT every day. But it's still a balancing act. Personal mobile devices enter your organization all the time. You must embrace the productivity gains workers achieve with them while safeguarding corporate information. 

The thing is, the mobile device management focus has shifted from the personal device to securing the corporate content accessed on the device. You can rest easy knowing solutions from Ivanti enable you to bolster security without compromising the way users interact with their smartphones or tablets. 

Manage BYOD successfully alongside corporate-owned endpoints

Embrace mobility with confidence that security measures are in place to protect corporate information without invading the user's personal mobile device space.   

Secure corporate applications
Safeguard apps without having to write code. App-wrapping is configured in seconds with no SDK required.
Preserve the native app experience
Enable users to access mobile email and secure attachments through their preferred email client while you maintain security.
Protect email and attachments
Secure emails and related attachments. Prevent access from a lost or stolen device.
Control Android devices
Feel confident that mobile users are working within company policies.
Keep pace with business growth
Employ mobility management capabilities—including app deployment and enrollment—that scale with your business.
Simplify administration
Make policy delivery consistent and easy. Administer policies once and distribute them across all of the user's devices.
Be the IT in "unity"
Manage all the devices users carry through a single, unified system.
Secure what matters
Don't get lost in device management. Protect the corporate content users access without disturbing their personal data.

Problem-solving solutions

The mission of managing each mobile device is made easier with three integrated solutions from Ivanti: Endpoint Manager, Mobility Manager, and Mobile Security Suite—all powered by LANDESK. 

Within the same Endpoint Manager console you use for systems and security management, Mobility Manager offers integrated enterprise mobility management. And with our Mobile Security Suite, you secure corporate email while preserving the native app experience for mobile users, and make it easy for personal and corporate information to run safely side-by-side. 

Endpoint Manager (formerly LDMS)
Manage all the devices users carry from a single management console.
Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager
Deliver multi-layered protection without disrupting your users or business operations.
Mobile Security
Avoid user frustration while protecting corporate data access.

Six fabulous mobile device management features among many

Here are some key features found in our mobility solutions. 

A single user policy across all devices

Minimize errors when setting policies. Implement a single user policy just once and it applies across all the devices a worker carries. Streamline employee on-boarding. Connect a new worker's mobile devices on the first day. 

Workspaces for greater self-sufficiency

Workspaces enable mobile workers to easily obtain needed IT resources, including apps, access to self-service, documents, and more. Users can access their workspace from any major platform or device, including iOS, Android, PC, and Mac—or via any HTML 5 browser.

App-wrapping is easy peasy

Users resent having to re-enter credentials. They want no-hassle access to corporate apps. App-wrapping and secure browser capabilities let them run these apps securely, side-by-side with their personal content. And you can wrap applications without extra coding.  

Corporate email is secure "whilst mobile"

Email is the most common application for mobile workers. Securing email with Mobile Security Suite means mobile workers can access corporate email and secure email attachments from their personal devices through their preferred email client. All corporate email and attachments pass through a secure gateway to authorized users.

Support for Apple's VPP and DEP programs

Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) means you can procure and distribute AppStore applications with ease. And Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) simplifies device enrollment. Best of all, you can use both VPP and DEP across Mac OS and iOS devices.

One system to manage all endpoints

Provide mobile workers access to the content and applications they need while safeguarding corporate information. Mobile access must be easy for employees outside the office, but your IT team must be able to enforce security policies and control information access. 

Experience Peace of Mind

User interaction with smartphones and tablets is secure