Help me manage my iOS and iPadOS devices

Complete Lifecycle Management

Manage and secure the end-to-end device management lifecycle for iOS and iPadOS devices from enrollment to configuration, to app deployments and reassignment/retirement.​

Enhanced Security and Privacy

Ivanti provides security and protection of corporate data while preserving end user privacy.

Comprehensive App Management

Deploy, configure and secure both public and in-house apps across iOS and iPadOS devices.

More BYO iOS and iPadOS devices to manage and secure?

Employees want to use their iOS devices to access both corporate resources and personal data, and they’re putting more pressure on IT to support these preferences.

Unified Endpoint Management to manage and secure all iOS and iPadOS devices

Ivanti provides a seamless and native end user experience during device enrollment, and the unified console enables organizations to reduce the complexity and costs of managing a fleet of iOS devices.

Complete Apple device management by managing and securing any iOS and iPadOS device, anywhere

A unified console to onboard, manage and secure your iOS, iPad, tvOS and Apple Watch devices.

Key Features and Capabilities

Scalable and efficient Apple device enrollment

Leverages Apple Business Manager (ABM) and Apple School Manager (ASM) for automated out-of-the-box device configurations.

Support BYOD initiatives

Enables a new way to rollout BYO using Managed Apple IDs for maximum user privacy.

Easily manage shared iPads

Supports provisioning of kiosk or single App mode, and efficiently managing shared devices among frontline workers between shifts.

Ivanti's app publishing solution for iOS

Ivanti Incapptic Connect simplifies, secures and automates the iOS release process.

Automated app distribution

[email protected] combined with Apple Business Manager facilitates the secure distribution of mobile apps.

Containerize and protect app data

Separate business and personal data using AppConfig or AppConnect to maintain compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements.

Secure and protect iOS devices

Defend and remediate threats targeting mobile devices with Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense.

Enable passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Enable passwordless authentication by using iOS devices as the user ID and primary factor for authentication.

Ivanti acknowledged in Gartner® Critical Capabilities for Unified Endpoint Management Tools

Gartner evaluated Ivanti Neurons, our hyperautomation platform, in its 2021 Critical Capabilities for Unified Endpoint Management Tools report. The results were outstanding.

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