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Ultimate Android Enterprise Support

Ivanti is a leader in delivering an enterprise app storefront, BYOD privacy controls and certificate-based identity management for Android.

Manage and Secure Android Devices at Scale

Streamlined management at scale across all Android devices including Samsung, Pixel, Zebra and more.

Day Zero Support from Ivanti

Ivanti delivers day zero compatibility and support on new Android releases and updates.

Challenges managing a range of Android devices?

IT faces an increasing number of ops tasks managing an extensive range of Android devices and enforcing consistent security policies across all Android devices, all while maintaining user privacy.

Unified Endpoint Management to manage and secure all Android devices

Ivanti provides a seamless and native end user experience during device enrollment, and the unified console enables organizations to reduce the complexity and costs of managing a fleet of Android devices.

With Ivanti Neurons for MDM, select what’s best for your organization and extend employee productivity with the right tools for the Everywhere Workplace.

Android Enterprise Recommended program certified

Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended program validates Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) product offerings that deliver advanced Android Enterprise features while providing business customers with trusted guidance to ensure consistent, successful deployment. Ivanti is proud to be one of the few Google certified EMM providers for Android management.

Key Features and Capabilities

Simplified deployment at scale

Flexible deployment of your entire fleet across any Android device by supporting configuration and management for three different Android device modes: Work Profile (BYOD), Full Device (corporate-owned), and Dedicated Device Management.

Seamless onboarding experience

Zero touch provides a superior out-of-box experience for Android users with minimum user interaction or education.

Support BYOD initiatives

Rollout BYO using Work Profile for maximum user privacy while securing corporate data on BYO devices. Ivanti is Android Enterprise Recommended Work Profile Management certified.

Manage multiuser shared Android devices

Supports provisioning, managing and securing shared Android devices for shift workers or for public sessions.

Compatible with Android kiosk mode devices

Supports lock-task mode to lock an app to the screen for devices that are dedicated to a specific app, such as kiosks or task worker devices.

Secure data-in-motion access

Ivanti Sentry, an inline gateway combined with Ivanti Tunnel, a per app VPN, provides secure connectivity for apps and email over encrypted networks.

Automated app distribution

Managed Google Play brings efficiency and ensures seamless app adoption and deployment without IT hosting.

Protect Android devices

Defend and remediate threats targeting mobile devices with Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense.

Enable passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Facilitate passwordless authentication by using Android devices as the user ID and primary factor for authentication.

Ivanti acknowledged in Gartner® Critical Capabilities for Unified Endpoint Management Tools

Ivanti ranks highest for non-standard PC Management: Learn more about the 4 critical capabilities and how Ivanti can help secure the Everywhere Workplace.

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