Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access

Zero Trust Network Access

Context-aware authentication and granular, conditional access to corporate applications.

Transform connectivity with context-aware access

Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access empowers organisations to adopt a security model built on continuous verification and least privilege access. By dynamically assessing user identities, device posture and application access, Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access enforces granular access controls, granting authorised users access to only the resources they need. Step into the future of security with the confidence of Zero Trust, empowering your workforce in a borderless digital landscape.

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Contextualised risk mitigation

Manage risk posture by selectively granting private application access.

  • Assess and Respond to Device Risk: Continuously evaluate and score device risk based on running processes and applications, informing dynamic access decisions
  • Quarantine Risky Endpoints: Automatically quarantine unpatched devices running high-risk applications to prevent threats
  • Context-Sensitive Access Controls: Enforce access controls using real-time risk ratings, user context, and application sensitivity
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Application access anywhere

Empower your workforce with secure, user-centric access to private applications—anytime, anywhere.

  • Least-Privilege Connectivity: Provide secure access to private applications regardless of location
  • Efficient Onboarding: Streamline the process for securely onboarding employees, contractors, and partners
  • Frictionless Access: Prioritise user experience with secure, context-aware access to business-critical applications
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Elevated visibility and security

Take charge with complete oversight of user access, applications and risk analysis.

  • Actionable Insights: Automatic remediation, from step-up authentication to access restrictions based on user risk scoring
  • App Usage Tracking: Deliver a complete view of all private application access to drive informed TCO decision making
  • Intelligent Risk Ratings: Automatically assess and prioritise user behaviour and potential security concerns
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Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access

Streamline management

Gain real-time insights and enhance security across your network with cloud-based centralization. Access Management single-pane view gives you comprehensive visibility of gateways, users, devices & activities. Automatically detect, classify & report user app usage. Simplify deployment, config, upgrades & retirement with same management for VPN & ZTNA users.

Features and capabilities

Enhance security with Ivanti's zero trust approach

Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access is designed for the modern cloud-first world, delivering secure and seamless access to corporate applications. Empower your organisation with continuous verification of user identities and device health and enhance security without sacrificing user experience.

Unified access

Leverage a unified client to streamline and simplify the management of access solutions. Experience seamless integration for VPN, software gateways and secure access, all within one comprehensive platform.

Risk mitigation

Proactively assess and respond to device and user risk, enhancing security through continuous authentication, real-time analysis and automated remediation.

Enhanced protection

Implement granular constraints for thorough verification of users, devices and applications, bolstering your organization's security posture and minimizing exposure to threats.

Easy implementation

Effortlessly establish fine-tuned access and conditional policies, simplifying the implementation process and achieving secure access with minimal effort.

Optimized approach

Leverage SaaS delivery and named user licensing to enhance security without the need for equipment replacement, achieving an optimized and cost-effective solution.

Secure architecture

Software-defined perimeter (SDP) ensures data integrity with isolated control and data planes.

Automated response

Proactively mitigate risks with automated responses to policy violations and real-time user risk assessments.

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