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Protect the Device You Use Most Against Cyber Threats – Your Mobiles!

19 July 2023

Most users can access the same applications and data on their mobile devices as on their corporate laptop. Yet, most mobile devices don’t have the same levels of protection.   

The mobile revolution has created new opportunities for attacks through malware-infected applications, compromised networks and, of course, phishing.   

One of the biggest barriers to deploying mobile threat solutions to BYOD or user managed devices is user-initiated adoption or the lack of adoption.  

Ross Carins and Ashley Armitt, Senior Sales Engineers at Ivanti, share insights on how to protect your devices with a live demo.  

Learn how to:  

  • Protect against phishing attacks, mobile malware and device compromise.  
  • Achieve near 100% adoption with little effort – even on BYOD devices. 
  • Mitigate mobile threats with zero trust architecture. 

This webinar is the final webinar in the series: Security for Everywhere Work  

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Ross Carins
Senior Sales Engineer
Ashley Armitt
Senior UEM & Security Sales Engineer