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Gain and Improve Compliance with the ACSC Essential 8

10 May 2023

At Ivanti, we always say that cyber security best practices involve listening to the experts. That starts with the industry standard Essential 8 security framework from the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) – which leads the Australian Government's efforts on national cybersecurity. 

In a world of increasing threats, Shane Wescott and Abdul Azize demonstrate how the experts' recommendations on a risk-based approach can be applied at your organisation – saving you time and reducing costs and risks. 

Learn how:  

  • To improve your compliance with the Essential 8 controls.  

  • To decrease your cost and time to patch. 

  • To protect faster and improve your maturity with risk-based threat intelligence.  

  • To implement application allow-listing in weeks, not months, for instant protection against common threats. 

This webinar is the first in the series: Security for Everywhere Work  

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Shane Wescott
Security/UWM Technical Evangelist
Abdul Azize
Senior Sales Engineer Federal