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Risk Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) - 3 Key Things to Do Now

14 June 2023

Security teams are under increasing pressure and scrutiny given the high-profile cyber issues we saw in 2022. Unsurprisingly, now in 2023 as the breaches continue, there’s a major focus on risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM).

Save your team time and effort by gaining a clear view of exposure to old and new risks, automating prioritisation and remediation and providing C-level executives access to live reporting and dashboards.  

Watch to learn:  

  • What do we know – how to discover all the relevant data from all your scanners.  
  • What can we do – contextualise, prioritise and remediate automatically.  
  • What's the result – provide visibility to C-levels via automated reporting and dashboards.  

This webinar is the second in the series: Security for Everywhere Work  

Watch the first webinar here:  Gain and Improve Compliance with the ACSC Essential 8 

Shane Wescott
Security/UWM Technical Evangelist
Abdul Azize
Senior Sales Engineer Federal