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Use Case

Deliver Service Management From the Cloud

Lower IT infrastructure costs and resources

Spending time installing, maintaining and securing the hardware and software you need to run your service management operation reduces your focus on what matters most—creating business value. You need a hassle-free way to support users and deliver services with the flexibility to respond to new business initiatives and growth. It’s time to dig out of that hole and let Ivanti lift you up to the clouds.

Consider a cloud-based ITSM tool

An ITSM solution in the cloud gives you the flexibility and freedom to access enterprise-grade IT service desk functionality that’s easier to manage, maintain, and support future needs.

Predictable Costs
Lower your cost of ownership and avoid unnecessary hardware capital expenditure. Subscribe to Ivanti's cloud-based, ITSM SaaS and more effectively manage your budgets.
Redeploy Resources
Use fewer IT hardware administrative resources for managing IT infrastructure. Spend more time on higher-level value add activity that moves the service management needle.
Always Up-to-date
Stay current on ITSM features and IT trends or risk impacting the service users receive. Benefit from managed upgrades and maintenance, delivered regularly by our experts.
Gain Time to Innovate
Experience the freedom to explore new ITSM projects. Ivanti's cloud ITSM solution lets you be more responsive, agile, and business focused. Let your innovations take flight.
Secure Systems and Data
Let Ivanti take your ITSM operational security to a new level. Vulnerability scanning, access control, data back-ups and more -- ensure your service desk operation is safeguarded.
Scale Effortlessly
Quickly and easily scale up or down the technology that supports your ITSM operation in response to your organizations changing opportunities, requirements and size.
Streamline processes
Make it easier to not only automate tasks and workflows within a business unit but also across other business units to streamline end-to-end processes.
Faster Time to Value
Without the worry of spinning up hardware, you can get your service management operation up and running faster, minimizing the impact on your users.
Features and capabilities

Enterprise-ready cloud-based ITSM

Our cloud-based ITSM will help you manage and automate the lifecycle of ITSM processes.

Improve quality

Remove the potential for errors by standardizing on a set of approved processes, workflows, and actions for more efficient and effective delivery.

Certified Service Management Processes

Drive best practice process improvement effortlessly knowing we’ve followed best practices for you.

Role-driven Interface

An intuitive interface for desktop or mobile will impress your users while delivering the personalized data they need to be more effective.

Higher user satisfaction

Better meet customer expectations by removing unnecessary manual and often repetitive interactions while providing increased consistency and insight into requests.


Taking action becomes easier with automation capabilities that connect ITSM processes with external IT Operations Management systems at no extra cost.

Hybrid Cloud

Unsure about a complete cloud-based operation? No problem! Ivanti offers a hybrid model for those that need it.

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