AutoTrader Reduces Login times from 8 minutes to 35 seconds

AutoTrader became an entirely digital enterprise in 2013. They are global leaders in all aspects of buying, selling, marketing and manageing cars. In the U.K., for example, 65% of all used-car transactions involve AutoTrader.

Industry: Automotive



Performance Manager
Boost the number of users on servers; control CPU-hogging apps and resource apps.
User Workspace Manager
Cut desktop TCO, streamline desktop management, improve user-experience.

Ivanti allows AutoTrader to scale

"Historically, we had a team of field engineers dealing with remote users and all the maintenance they required. Now we have a single team that manages two sites. And it can focus on product delivery and training instead of firefighting. The Ivanti suite of products has been a big part of that change."

How Ivanti Helps AutoTrader

Reduce Login Times

Before Ivanti logon times routinely took 5,6, or 7 minutes. Now it takes "35 seconds, maxe."

Simplify Break-Fix Scenarios

"Before Ivanti, if a desktop failed, it would be a full day to fix it. Now with Ivanti, they're back up in 30 seconds, with no intervention from IT.

Manage PCI Compliance

To ensure sensitive parts of calls are not recorded, Ivanti blocks access to internal billing apps for Chrome and Firefox users.

Simplify Desktop Configuration

Before Ivanti, AutoTrader had "nearly 1,000 group policies for our old active direct domain." After Ivanti, Autotrader can change and configure settings on the fly.

Insane AutoTrader story of desktop simplication...

"Before deploying Ivanti, we were nearing 1,000 group policies for our old active directory domain. The logon scripts were about 2,500 lines. Today, AutoTrader has one set of configuration files." The company can manage and configure settings on the fly and manage deployments in SECONDS instead of days or weeks.

Ivanti provides a wizard-driven point-and-click approach to desktop configuration.