Ivanti Re-Affirms Commitment to Customer Success in 2020

SALT LAKE CITY — January 30, 2020 —

  • New go-to-market strategy puts customer relationships front-and-center
  • Two key product focus areas for 2020 are enterprise service management and unified endpoint management
  • Customer experience team led by Mary Trick, chief customer officer, is dedicated to improving the experience for all of our customers
  • Redefined partner program focuses on customer enablement with Ivanti products, resulting in visible improvement to their business

Following the announcement of a new CEO and leadership team, Ivanti, the company that unifies IT to better manage and secure the digital workplace, today announced its go-to-market strategy for 2020. With the customer as the priority,

Ivanti has established new focus areas for its product and solutions and put programs and strategies in place to help drive customer success.

“Since joining Ivanti, I’ve been incredibly impressed by our employees, products and customers,” said Jim Schaper, chief executive officer, Ivanti. “In 2020 we are taking an ‘All-In’ approach that focuses on bringing our team together with the common goal of providing excellence in the delivery of our products and solutions to our growing customer base around the globe. We’re becoming a stronger force in the industry, and our key stakeholders can expect to see significant changes coming out of Ivanti as we focus on becoming a more customer-centric company.”

In 2020, Ivanti is consolidating its products to focus on two areas - unified endpoint management and enterprise service management to truly help clients unify their IT. Ivanti is also planning to add cloud value to its existing customers and continuing to differentiate its solutions with additional functionality.

With these changes, Ivanti has also formed an Independent Business Unit that consists of a focused and dedicated set of Ivanti products and services with the single purpose of pleasing its customers through providing long term value. This new unit will have focused development for all its products and services driven by customers’ feedback and requirements.

With Mary Trick as the chief customer officer, Ivanti has a leader dedicated to the lifetime relationship and end-to-end interactions with our customers. In the coming year, we will focus on increasing the engagement with customers across their life cycle with Ivanti.

“Ensuring our customers’ success starts before they purchase our software by gaining a deep understanding and alignment of their needs and expectations, and continues through onboarding, technical support, enablement and consulting services,” said Mary Trick. “Our goal is to provide all of our customers with a great experience and to bring meaningful value to their organization to significantly improve their operations and bottom line. Customers are everything to us.”

With that in mind, Ivanti has redefined its partner program to better serve its customers. In 2020, Ivanti is moving from a broad-based distribution model to a focused channel partner model, which today is considered best practice.

The new strategic partner program is a two-party gross model where partners are paid a fixed commission for both sales and technical support during the sale. The new model also provides three new bonuses for partners based on growth targets and customer success. Under this new program, the majority of Ivanti’s partners are shifting to a referral model, which provides a fixed rebate for any opportunities that a referral partner provides to Ivanti that ends in a sale.

“The shift from broad distribution model to a partner-centric model supports what customers want today from their vendors – more focus on outcomes and customer success,” said Mitch Rowe, executive vice president of global sales, Ivanti. “These changes are part of a larger customer-focused strategy being launched by the new executive team. Our goal with the partner program change is to reward those partners that are committed to growing Ivanti market share and making our mutual customers successful as we work together in solving our customers unique business challenges.”

This shift in Ivanti’s channel focus will also facilitate seamless integration of acquisitions more quickly while providing our customers with additional integrated solutions. Ivanti will continue to organically and inorganically develop products and solutions that address our customers critical requirements.

Ivanti: The Power of Unified IT.

Ivanti unifies IT and Security Operations to better manage and secure the digital workplace. From PCs to mobile devices, VDI, and the data center, Ivanti discovers IT assets on-premises and in the cloud, improves IT service delivery, and reduces risk with insights and automation. The company also helps organizations leverage modern technology in the warehouse and across the supply chain to improve delivery without modifying backend systems. Ivanti is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has offices all over the world. For more information, visit www.ivanti.com and follow @GoIvanti.

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