There's a lot going on in the world right now, and one thing we could all use a little more of is Clorox wipes. But also, poetry. 

It just so happens that World Poetry Day is March 21, and to celebrate, we asked famed Ivanti poet Brent Bluth to start collecting poems from both customers and employees (read Part 2 here).

Sure, nothing we've received is exactly Maya Angelou quality, but last I checked C's got degrees. And participation trophies are well into their second or even third generation by now.

So in the spirit of gold stars for everyone, here are a few IT-related poems from our brilliant Ivanti Insiders.

Listen! Do you hear that?

The sound of Work around me.

Like Music that plays among us.

With Accents, Crescendos, Phrases and Themes.

As Life is a Song we play, so is the Help Desk.

Andrew Fulton, Help Desk Analyst

It's not DNS.

There's no way it's DNS.

It was DNS.

Brian, Systems Engineer

Ode to Programming:

I thought I fixed that glitch

and I was right,

but I think on pulling the plug

as many more bugs,

where creeping out at night

Isn't that rich?

Daniel Cogny, Systems Developer

There once was an old IT pro

whose processes were quite slow.

“Try Ivanti” a friend said,

“it will clear up your head

and allow your IT business to grow.”

David Jimenez, Operations Engineer

Blame the firewall

They say, always, for all things

Oops, it was the cause

Ivanti Insider

I quickly bolted out the room,

to find somebody else...

Whose printer kind-of-sort-of worked

to get my paper out.

Ivanti Insider

Chaos reigns within.

Reflect, repent, and reboot.

Order shall return.

Jeff Dejager, IT Analyst II

Who needs speed

Faster than the speed of light

Jeremy, Network Administrator

A haiku in honor of our Desktop Team:

Customers calling

PCs dying everywhere

FitBit goals are met

Kelly Ruston, Systems Analyst

Why do we IT

Because we love helping you

Your PC is dead

Mark, PACS/Server Administrator

Roses are red.

You found a new quirk?

Don't call the SysAdmins!

We'll just blame the network.

Michael, System Administrator

To the client I go

Helping make them productive

Everyday hero

Mike Abraniuk, Desktop Support Analyst

All computers have this in common

Users are largely the problem

Simple solutions have come and gone

“Have you tried turning it off and back on?”

Patrick, Senior Systems Administrator

Helpdesk Haiku:

The helpdesk ticket

Dear Internet, Help 404.

The soul withers more!

Paul Kimberley, Team Leader

Oh Microsoft O365

Email coming all the time

Outlook full again


App is not working

No it is not Ivanti

Reboot your PC

Robert, Systems Architect

Blame the patches!

But we need to do the patches,

Blame the patches!

Ross, Systems Engineer

I walk inside and heave a sigh.

The lights the sounds, everyone's running around.

I take my seat and crack my knuckles,

"Those silly people" I chuckle.

With a few simply strokes I am able to repair.

All has not been lost, do not despair.

No one remembers the IT lads gone by.

Except for those of us heaving the sigh...

Ryan Black, Systems Administrator