When we rebranded the company in 2017, we chose a name with essentially no meaning. Whereas companies like Staples and Target are also nouns—you can use staples on a target—the name Ivanti does not belong to anything else. No one is saying, "Please pass the ivanti" or "That ivanti really brings out your eyes!"

And if they are saying either of those things, walk away slowly.

With the meaning of Ivanti up for grabs, we asked our customers what Ivanti means to them. As usual, the Ivanti Insiders did not disappoint. Here are some of our favorite definitions.

"Ivanti means easily managing the chaos of everything: Information, Virtual, Access, eNdpoints, Ticketing, and Identity (IVANTI)."

— Paul Kimberley, Team Leader     Twitter: @techie_pk

"Innovation and reliability." 

— Frank Wils, Tech Lead

"Ivanti means a company working to develop solutions to address the needs of IT administrators, making their lives simpler and more efficient." 

— David Jimenez, Operations Engineer

"Ivanti means listening to customers." 

— Mike Abraniuk, Desktop Support Ananlyst      Twitter: @Grimnash

"When I hear Ivanti, I think of the people I have met at Interchange, the robust integrated product suite that makes my job easier, and of course, the cool swag!"

— Adam Howard, Systems Administrator     Twitter: @adamhoward92

"Ivanti looks like AVANTI in Italian, which means in front of or a step forward. So Ivanti is AVANTI!"

— Tiziano Ciceri, Product Manager     Twitter: @tizianociceri

"Inventing technology integrations."

— Manny Brown, IT Client Support Professional

"It means an option to make my office and company better."

— Deshon Pile, Jr. Team Lead     Twitter: @dtpile

"To me, Ivanti means confidence. Confidence that we're getting an amazing product that will help us be more productive; confidence that there's an amazing support team backing it; confidence that there's an amazing community of customers sharing innovative enhancements for it."

— Kelly Ruston, Technical Support Specialist     Twitter: @TheSleepyAngel 

"Continual improvement. Clearly rooted on the Italian "Avanti" (forward), you can feel it's part of its DNA." 

— Daniel Cogny, Systems Developer     Twitter: @DCogny

"Great workspace control."

— Mick Verbunt, System Engineer/Workspace Engineer

"Forward thinking and bringing everything under one roof."

— Jason Koslowski, Senior Systems Analyst

"Smooth IT operation."

— Dilnawaz Ahmed, System Engineer    Twitter: @dilnawazakhan

"Accountability. I am now able to hold teams accountable to the work they are doing through tracking."

Thomas Smith, Director, Telecom and IT Support     Twitter: @tsmith7251

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