See how it helps four different roles in your organization

This video was fun to create! I started working on the script several months ago, but then big events, like our great customer conference Ivanti Interchange, got in the way of the production.

No problem, once we were rolling, it quickly took shape. My goal was to make sure the video didn’t focus only on the benefits for one IT role. Instead, I wanted to make sure we showed what UEM can do for multiple people like the end user, IT analyst, IT director, and the IT executive.

The video doesn’t get down into any technical details, but what kind of detail can you really unveil in under two minutes? It does, however, give a great overview of what UEM and User Workspace Management (UWM) can do for individuals within any organization.

So sit back, skip the popcorn, but grab a Coke and watch a great little UEM/UWM overview video.

Ivanti - UEM Overview

Just in case you like video production details, here are some interesting notes:

  • Scenes were shot on Red Epic and a Sony A7R III cameras
  • Icons created in Adobe Illustrator
  • Edited and animated using Adobe Premiere and After Effects
  • Colorized using DaVinci Resolve
  • Boardroom shot includes Ivanti employees from the US and the UK—and it actually turned into a meeting as it was being filmed—here’s to multi-tasking
  • Our video guy, Rob, did 12 revisions resulting in two finished versions
  • We mulled over the cast of characters at length, so I’m curious, which characters do you like or do you resonate with?
  • No animals were harmed in production

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