It’s “go-time” here at Ivanti! Our own customer conference – Interchange (#Interchange18) is taking place in Dallas this week. I’ve just arrived and yes EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas including my breakfast ham and cheese croissant, which was about the size of both my hands!

This same week, Ivanti staff are also attending Gartner IT Operations Strategies and Solutions Summit (#GartnerIO) in Florida. This year's Gartner IOSS conference is packed to the gills with noteworthy sessions. Here are a few of our top session picks:

  • Monday, May 14 - Workshop: Build I&O Metrics That Matter and Communicate Value to the Business, Robert Naegle (@robertnaegle)
  • Tuesday, May 15 - Gartner Essentials: The Five-Year Automation Scenario — Automate I&O to Drive Efficiency, Improve Reliability and Reduce Cost, Terry Cosgrove (@terrycosgrove)
  • Wednesday, May 16 - Future of Service is Cognitive - Vidhya Srinivasan
  • Wednesday, May 16 - Gartner Essentials: IT Service Management in 2018 and Beyond, Chris Matchett (@ITSMChris)
  • Thursday, May 17 - Using Customer Experience to Transform Your ITSM Initiative, Ken Gonzales (@ken_gonzalez)

Pay Us a Visit

Once you’ve taken in a few sessions and you’re grabbing a well-earned coffee or a tasty lunch, come and hang out at the Ivanti booth. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the sessions, get an idea of  your current IT problems, and help you find practical solutions.

Even as you attend Gartner IOSS, we know you’re juggling escalating requirements with siloed IT tools, communication, and teams further incapacitated by information overload. We’re hearing it from everyone in the trenches right now. These debilitating issues are increasing your risks and costs, making you slower to respond and leaving your users and business exposed such that you’ve probably actually got one eye on the conference and one eye on your email inbox.

Let us help. Stop by the booth, or send us an email, and allow us to show you how to break down those IT siloes, increase visibility, share data, and automate processes. We’re here to help you respond to user demands and market changes, comply with regulations, and secure the entire organization – all while reducing costs. We call this The Power of Unified IT. And, we are on a mission to spread the Unified IT love at Gartner IOSS.

Unified IT Explained

Here’s what we mean by Unified IT: Your service desk team is grappling with open software request call queues threatening to jump off the wall board. Users are calling with their requests and tying up analysts by calling back for status checks, because it appears that all software licenses are otherwise deployed. Finally, a license is purchased adding to an increasing IT spend. But, IT teams are forced to wait until users visit the office that IT resides in, to deploy the software. That’s all just plain frustrating to the IT team watching their performance metrics plummet along with their morale and the productivity of the business user waiting for their request to be fulfilled.

The Ivanti Way

By adopting a Unified IT approach, there is most certainly a better way. Here's how it works with Ivanti's integrated IT solutions:

  • Give your teams the power to automate any software requests through self-service - reducing call wait times and call backs, while improving the customer experience.
  • Take advantage of integrated approval workflows and license compliance checks without manual handoffs that frequently become points of failure.
  • Before purchasing additional software and adding to rising costs, current software license usage is checked as part of the process and reclamation of automatic unused software is achievable, optimizing software spend.
  • Why wait for end users to appear in the office? Deploy the software automatically to only applicable user devices without delay, as part of the process.
  • Close the loop on the original request and automatically close it out.

With this approach you’ll free up and better manage your IT team resources and benefit from efficient operations at reduced costs. At the same-time you’ll be in in the fortunate position to know what IT assets you have and how they are used, enabling you to optimize spend and provide audit defense. That’s Unified IT; IT Service, IT Asset, and Endpoint Management processes - all working together for you.

Get Answers

The Ivanti team will be on the booth at the IOSS Summit hoping to talk to many of the lovely IT delegates about more Unified IT solutions, from Windows 10 migration to security detection remediation and isolation solutions. Those of you attending Interchange in Dallas, well, you’ll hear much more about this throughout the week.

If you happen to be at either conference, find an Ivanti team member and ask about Unified IT. If you aren’t attending the Gartner conference or Interchange this year, but you think Unified IT would help you reach the right outcomes you are looking for not just for 'Now' but for the 'Future', then you can always email or call us at +1-888-253-6201.

For more information on Ivanti's annual user conference, including our first ever Interchange in Europe, visit

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