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Spreading the Message of Unified IT

It’s “go-time” here at Ivanti! Our own customer conference – Interchange (#Interchange18) is taking place in Dallas this week. I’ve just arrived and yes EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas including my breakfast ham and cheese croissant, which was about the size of both my hands! This same week, Ivanti st


Security Reporting and Analytics With Xtraction: Make Security Data Work for You

If your organization is like many we encounter, then you are undoubtedly facing shifting issues affecting your security posture. You are trying to handle the crushing task of meeting security specifications with inadequate resources. You are also charged with proving the integrity of the security d


The One Service Management Team Productivity Hack You Need To Know

Take a look at the photos of physical workspaces at the LANDESK office. The first is a base-level configuration that all staff in any department start with; desk, chair etc. The next is one of our customer support managers; notice he needs two screens to monitor to his teams activity and another fo