Ivanti Desktop and Server Management, often referred to as simply DSM, is a proven endpoint management solution with a large customer following whose loyalty was put to the test by inconsistent messaging on the solution’s future. But boy o boy, did our DSM customers prove that they’re sticklers. And so, it’s time for us to return the favor and provide our commitment to them. We’re shouting it from the rooftops: Ivanti Desktop and Server Management is here to stay!

As one of the dedicated set of proven and treasured Ivanti solutions, cared for by the purposefully designed Extended Products Group, Ivanti DSM will receive continuous support and increased attention going forward. Watch our on-demand webinar for more details on what this means to you!

So, let’s practice what we preach here and show you the four feature highlights of our new Ivanti DSM 2020.1 release!

Four New Features in Ivanti DSM

For a complete overview of all enhancements and fixes in the Ivanti DSM Product Release 2020.1, please consult the release notes and/or take a tour of the new features.

  1. APM Custom Patch Support – This allows you to automatically patch third party software which can't be downloaded by APM.
  2. Windows 7 and Server 2008 (R2) ESU Support – Continued automated and complete patching of Windows 7 and Server 2008 (R2).
  3. Telemetry – This diagnostic data drives and improves future releases of Ivanti DSM.  
  4. Enhanced Security – By an improved installation wizard and security model for new DSM installations. Please refer to our Knowledge Base article on how to improve security for existing DSM installations.

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