Learn More about  Ivanti NeuronsOur latest announcement comes in the form of another exciting partnership, this time with Qualys! A leading provider of disruptive cloud-based IT, security, and compliance solutions, Qualys has integrated Ivanti Patch Management technology into their Qualys VMDR (Vulnerability Management Detection Response) platform.

Qualys President and Chief Product Officer, Sumedh Thakarsaid, said the following:

"The seamless integration of Ivanti and Qualys technologies in VMDR takes endpoint security to the next level. By extending Ivanti’s leading patch management technology from Windows to Mac, Qualys VMDR now orchestrates the entire process of discovery, prioritization and patching of critical vulnerabilities in real time across hybrid IT environments including macOS devices. Furthermore, it allows us to bridge IT and SecOps workflows to more efficiently secure and manage today’s explosion of remote workers."

The Ivanti and Qualys partnership provides for tight integration of Ivanti Patch Management into Qualys VMDR to automate and simplify the patch remediation process. As a result, customers will be able to quickly detect vulnerabilities, from endpoint to datacenter, and automatically deploy expertly pre-tested Mac patches across dozens of third-party applications. Current Microsoft patch coverage includes both security and non-security content for all supported products, operating systems, and applications, including Microsoft Office. The Ivanti patch catalog is one of the industry’s most comprehensive catalogs currently securing over 180 million endpoints globally.

The next phase of the integration will allow Qualys customers to patch MacOS systems, as well as over 70 third-party Mac applications, directly through Qualys VMDR.

Nayaki Nayyar, EVP and Chief Product Officer, Ivanti, had this to say about the expanded partnership:

“Ivanti’s expanded partnership with Qualys further underscores our mission to help deliver end-to-end security solutions. Our recently announced Ivanti Neurons platform powers security teams with advanced automation capabilities to discover, prioritize, remediate vulnerabilities and self-heal endpoints and edge devices.”

As mentioned in a recent press releaseIvanti Neurons transforms the way IT gets work done. Powered with hyper-automation capabilities, it delivers:

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