Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter: 

Ivanti Cloud 

IT Asset Management 

  • ​License Optimizer Update 
  • Optimizer for SAP 

IT Service Management 

  • Integrated Chat for Service Manager 

Unified Endpoint Management 

  • Environment Manager 
  • File Director 
  • User Workspace Manager 
  • Unified Endpoint Manager 2018.3 


Ivanti Cloud launched at Interchange Madrid 

Special offer available for Interchange attendees 

We’re very excited to announce the first release of Ivanti Cloud. It received a great deal of interest during the launch at Interchange Madrid with nearly 200 organizations requesting access. If you’d like to try it out for an extended period of time—FREE—then hopefully we’ll see you at Interchange Nashville in April! All Interchange participants receive a free one-year subscription to Ivanti Cloud when they sign up at Interchange! 

Ivanti Cloud gets off the ground with four key capabilities: 

  1. Data services — Don’t miss a thing with data gathered from multiple sources as well as the edge endpoints. Data is then normalized and used by cloud services within Ivanti Cloud and on-prem systems. 
  2. Real-time capabilities — Get instant answers from the edge simply by typing in questions. It gives you operational awareness that makes it easy to take action, chase down security threats, and be more proactive – you just have to see it to understand all the questions it can answer, in real time. 
  3. Smart Advisors — Leverage all your data to get recommendations about what to do next, along with the actions to take. Get advice on things like when to reimage a machine vs. replace it or identify what devices you’ve purchased, where they are in service, and who has them. 
  4. Automation Fabric — Create scripted automation that can trigger actions in Ivanti Cloud or on-prem with multiple systems, including solutions from many third-party solutions. 

Ivanti Cloud adds value to many of your Ivanti solutions you already have as well as systems from other vendors. Ivanti Cloud can be licensed for $15/node/year or as part of a Pick 2 or a Unified IT Enterprise License Agreement. Welcome to the unified cloud for IT. 


Latest License Optimizer updates further improve ease of use 

New license creation from SKU and new dialog fields 

The latest updates to License Optimizer include:  

  • Quick Value Dashboard added – now called Estate Management, and also visible immediately on log in and when you click the Ivanti logo at the top of the page 
  • You can now create a license from a SKU. Additionally, new fields are available for license record fields to ease reconciliation. 
  • New fields on the SKU dialog – License Agreement, Pack Size, Cores, License Type 
  • End of Support and Pool fields added to General tab of Software Library 

Interested in learning how to improve license compliance by setting hardware configurations, check out this short License Optimizer video

Optimizer for SAP  

Understand your SAP usage, optimize your SAP licensing costs, and be ready for that next SAP audit 

Earlier this month, we announced the release of the new Ivanti Optimizer for SAP solution. It provides organizations with the insight and intelligence needed to ensure they are correctly licensed based on actual usage, empowered to reduce liabilities from indirect access or misclassified users, and armed for their next contract negotiation and upcoming SAP audit. For more information, read the press release and visit the product website


Integrated Chat for Ivanti Service Manager 

Reduce handling time while keeping your customers productive 

If your staff and end-users like using Skype to chat with your service desk, then you’ll want to download and give our new Skype for Business Adapter a try. With the new Adapter, your team’s Skype chats can be integrated into your Service Manager workflows and interactions so you can easily capture all information and important details without switching screens. 

With the Skype for Business Adapter, there’s no need to cut & paste between tools or screens. Make Skype chats an integral part of your normal routine with: 

  • Complete views of your customer’s profile description 
  • Pre-population of customer information and fields 
  • Incident or request creation directly from a chat 
  • Automatically save chats within associated records 
  • Group chat when you invite other team members into the conversation 

To learn more about our new Skype for Business Adapter, or to download it to get started, find it in the Ivanti Marketplace


New Configuration Tools for the Windows 10 Desktop  

Utilities to set the Default Browser, Default Mail Client and Default PDF Viewer are in the UWM Community for use with Environment Manager  

Visit the UWM Community site to find these tools which force Windows 10 to use your preferred app for Internet browsing, viewing PDFs and sending mail, all within the power and control of Environment Manager’s context engine.  

This follows our new sequence of releasing capabilities as fast as possible: first to the UWM community, then to the Ivanti Marketplace, and then baking them into the respective product – Environment Manager in this case.  

Check out the blog here.

Help us Design the Future of User Workspace Manager  

Vote and Interact with Early UI Designs!  

We are always trying to get closer to our customers, so we have a number of UI Designs available for comment and discussion, as well as some surveys and the chance to vote for your product idea – all available here.  

Service Pack 2 for File Director and Environment Manager 2018.3 Now Available 

Bugfixes and updates available for download. 

You can get the latest bugfixes and updates for both Environment Manager and File Director 2018.3 at the UWM Community site. There are no major feature changes in these Service Packs – see the Release Notes for details of the bugs fixed. 

Unified Endpoint Manager 2018.3 SU2 Includes Enhanced Remote Control 

Remote control support for multi-monitor scenarios 

Ivanti has released SU2 for Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager 2018.3. This release primarily includes bug-fixes as documented in the release notes. It’s important to note that there is one new feature that has been included in this release. Remote Control (WS) has been enhanced to support multi-monitor scenarios.