Why is Ivanti different? Why is our approach to IT security different?

Because we don't just help you find problems, and prevent problems, we help you solve them. And we're by your side as you keep your organization safe every day.

Can you say with confidence that your defenses are good enough to keep ransomware, for example, from getting in the gates? This isn’t an area where you can afford to be wrong.

  • The FBI reportedly estimates that ransomware payments will reach US$1 billion in 2017, up from US$ 24 million in 2015.
  • According to research, 40 percent of spam emails contained ransomware in 2016, and “one in two business executives reported they have experienced a ransomware attack at the workplace.” And despite admonitions to the contrary by law enforcement, seventy percent of businesses hit by ransomware paid the hackers to regain access to systems and data..
  • Malefactors are increasingly offering hackers easy-to-use, “as-a-service” options for launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) and ransomware attacks, for as little as $19.95 per month, according to ZD Net.

So what’s the solution? Well, to find the best form of protection against cyberattack lets first focus on what not to do.

What not to do

Have you ever had one of those bosses, coaches, or teachers who’d obviously been to one motivational seminar too many? You know—one of those leaders who constantly spouts annoying aphorisms, such as “every problem’s an opportunity?” Or “everything happens for a reason?”

As one such aphorism goes, “Don’t complain about a problem unless you’ve got a solution to offer.” Or, put more succinctly and into a more business-relevant context: no one ever got promoted (or retained, for that matter) for finding cybersecurity problems. The ones who get to keep their jobs and advance their careers not only find such problems—they fix them.

How Ivanti can help

Ivanti may be a new name, but its roots run deep. For more than three decades, we’ve hung our reputation on helping IT professionals fix their security issues. From securing endpoints, to patching servers, operational IT security is our bread and butter. What sets us apart from the other major players in this space is that our solutions don’t just point out your vulnerabilities. They help you to prevent, detect, and remediate even the most modern and dangerous threats, and to achieve and maintain the best protection available for your enterprise.

Want effective, proactive protection against ransomware? We’ve got you covered. Looking to rein in admin rights without receiving an inbox full of nasty emails from your users? We have a solution for that, too. Can your enterprise benefit from consolidated, role-based presentation of information about your IT environment and security profile? Turn to Ivanti.

Every Ivanti security solution will help you identify, understand, and resolve the issues that threaten the cybersecurity of your enterprise, your users, your partners, and your customers. Because simply pointing out your weaknesses is simply not good enough, especially when so much is at stake.

Check out our security solutions online, or speak to your Ivanti representative. Learn how the company that security professionals and analysts trust can help to improve cybersecurity at your enterprise.