I’m excited to announce that Ivanti is the recipient of not one, not two, but four “Best-Of” awards from Expert Insights for Spring 2022. Expert Insights’ Best-Of Awards are designed to recognize cloud technology providers across multiple software categories including cloud software, security, and storage. Ivanti is an award winner in the following categories:

  • Best-Of Enterprise Password Policy Enforcement
  • Best-Of Patch Management Software
  • Best-Of Unified Endpoint Management
  • Best-Of Business VPNs

Best-Of award winners are chosen by Expert Insights’ editors, based on extensive research into each solution’s merits as a solution provider, customer reviews and how they compare to their competitors. Expert Insights is a leading resource for cybersecurity analysis, research and news, with over 80,000 monthly visitors.

Ivanti earned these independently judged awards by hitting key judging criteria including “impressive features, strong capabilities and positive user experiences.” Expert Insights also considers factors such as the deployment process, pricing and target markets.

Expert Insights detailed the specific reasons for each award in their newly-released Buyers Guide. Here’s a summary:

Best-Of: Password Policy Enforcement

Ivanti Password Director “features simple – but robust – password policy creation and enforcement tools which enable admins to define the length and complexity of user passwords.”

Expert Insights says, “We recommend Password Director for organizations who want to simplify the process of creating secure, strong passwords for their end users, and add an extra layer of protection against account compromise.”

Best-Of: Patch Management Software

With Ivanti Patch, “IT teams can automatically distribute patches across their environments – including remote and mobile endpoints – with minimum impact on end users.

Expert Insights says, “We recommend Ivanti’s patch management solutions for midsize organizations looking for comprehensive vulnerability management and response tailored to their specific use case."

Best-Of: Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Manager “enables organizations to consolidate their endpoint and workspace management via a single management suite,” says the award report. In addition, Unified Endpoint Manager “gives admins detailed insights into which devices are connected to their network, as well as enabling and simplifying remote software delivery.”

Expert Insights says, “We recommend Ivanti’s Unified Endpoint Manager as a powerful solution for midsize enterprises looking to manage endpoints and deploy applications remotely without the need for a VPN.”

Best-Of: Business VPNs

Connect Secure (formerly Pulse Connect Secure) "provides zero trust secure access from any device to all network apps and cloud services." Its key features include a simple web interface, no need for software installation, granular admin control and comprehensive single sign-on for cloud-based apps and data centers.

Expert Insights says, "We recommend Pulse Connect Secure as a strong VPN solution for organizations of any size."

These are the latest in a remarkable string of awards for Ivanti, reinforcing our emergence as an industry leader in integrated solutions for the Everywhere Workplace.