free demo: ivanti cloudIn building out a contingency plan during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, roughly 400 of our Ivanti employees in the South Jordan, Utah location near Salt Lake City transitioned to a work-from-home environment to stay safe and healthy while still working at full capacity for our customers. For Plinio Pimentel, a senior engineer at Ivanti, the task seemed daunting.

“At the office, I had a computer that hosted several virtual machines that my team and I use for development and testing,” Plinio says. “Since the computer that hosted the virtual machine clients was on the corporate network, I didn’t know how much setup I would have to do to provide the same services to my team with the computer running at my house. At a minimum, I expected I would need to configure a VPN that is inconvenient and would require re-login every day.”

On the contrary. With Ivanti Cloud, nothing required reconfiguration.

Plinio explains that as the Ivanti developers took the test rigs home, the transition was smooth. No need to punch holes through firewalls, plug into ethernet, reconfigure routers, or bang their heads against walls trying to get their machine to perform at peak functionality.

He concludes, “With Ivanti Cloud, you can come home, connect to your Wi-Fi, and in a matter of minutes be running at the full level of functionality that you would at the office. Ivanti Cloud abstracts your network infrastructure. You can move the infrastructure in house or on-prem, in the private cloud or public cloud—and Ivanti Cloud will manage it without you having to do anything.”