What’s better than receiving a MUSE Creative Award for our brand strategy and creative work?

Receiving eleven of them.

That’s right: eleven. That number’s pretty hard to wrap our heads around, and we’re glad we don’t have to pose for a picture like the multiple Grammy winners do, holding all of them at once, because we’re pretty sure we couldn’t wrap our arms around them, either.

The awards include:

  • Integrated Marketing: Best Company Branding
  • Corporate Identity: Best Corporate Identity
  • Video: Best Corporate
  • Integrated Marketing: Best Internal Campaign
  • Corporate Identity: Best Promotions

…and that’s not even half of them.

We’re thrilled, but if we said we were shocked it would do a disservice to the incredible work of all the people who contributed to these successes. They earned it. The past year has been tumultuous for the entire world, and we added additional layers of complication with multiple acquisitions and a huge number of new team members. I’m in awe at how quickly the teams aligned under a common purpose: make the Everywhere Workplace possible.

Everyone had a sense of urgency since the stakes are so high in the cybersecurity world right now. The business world scrambled with the abrupt shift to working from home, and we felt a responsibility to help companies smooth out the permanent shift to the Everywhere Workplace. In six short months, Ivanti transformed from a service management company to a billion-dollar security company – one that, at first, few had heard of despite our new size. We knew we had the tools and resources to make the Everywhere Workplace possible, but all the capabilities in the world don’t mean much if no one knows about them.

That’s where our marketing teams came in — and not just them; this was a truly company-wide effort that included teams across the enterprise and teams from the companies we acquired along the way, all working together to define an authentic common purpose. We embraced a total brand overhaul and a bold new look, feel and voice that was as at once strong and approachable; clear and intelligent; fun and serious about results. Our mission: create a brand that customers love to work with, and employees love to work for.

Both internally and externally, our teams spread the word (and the images, and the video) with vibrancy and panache. Everything got an upgrade – web, social media, video, employee engagement campaigns – and it paid off. A quick look at initial numbers from the new brand launch:

  • 20.3 million impressions
  • 81,000 site visits
  • 875 employees actively participating in an employee engagement brand battle

And of course, that most recent number: eleven Muse Creative Awards.

The awards represent an extraordinary effort from our team, but it’s bigger than that: it means we’ve reached so many people in our mission to make the Everywhere Workplace possible. Our autonomous platform finds and protects every device so businesses don’t have to. Here’s how:

Security. We help team members securely access company resources remotely from any location in the world using any web-enabled device including laptops, phones, home PCs, smartphones or tablets.

Unified Endpoint Management. Better known as UEM, this means we make it simple to discover and keep track of all the endpoints (devices) in your entire enterprise-wide network – all from a single console.

Enterprise Service Management. This is a framework to make things more efficient and productive for everyone in your enterprise. We’re the only ESM vendor to offer end-to-end service management from every endpoint to the IoT edge.

Neurons. Power and protect your teams from cloud to edge with the hyperautomation platform for the Everywhere Workplace. Delivering the power of healing has never been so simple.

Our new brand is as bold as it is simple. It all comes down to this: Wherever teams work, whatever they work on, Ivanti delivers the peace of mind teams need to perform.

Ivanti is at the forefront of cyber solutions.

And we’re at the heart of what helps people work better.

We were proud of this team’s incredible efforts before the awards, and we didn’t need the awards to know how impactful the brand launch has been. That said, we’re beyond honored to receive formal recognition – especially from such a prestigious source.

It’s safe to say the word is out.