Learn More about  Ivanti NeuronsWe have unveiled several exciting announcements recently, from the launch of Ivanti Neurons to all of our strategic partnerships and integrations (see the details on Intel and Qualys). In fact, we have had so much content to announce that we've needed to create a whole new blog category!

But this train is not slowing down any time soon.

Ivanti Integrates Ivanti Neurons Platform with Splunk Security Operations Suite

Today we announced that the Ivanti Neurons platform now integrates with the Splunk Security Operations Suite. Together, the solution enables organizations to realize an autonomous edge, which offers hyper-automated self-healing, self-securing and self-service capabilities. The solution is enabled by Ivanti’s integrations with Splunk Enterprise Security (SIEM) and Splunk Phantom (SOAR), two core components of the Splunk suite.

From Nayaki Nayyar, executive vice president and chief product officer, Ivanti:

“With the explosive growth of endpoints, edge devices and remote workers, IT operations and security teams need to apply advanced automation to improve workflow, auto-remediate security issues and enhance the remote user experience. By integrating the hyper-automated Ivanti Neurons platform with Splunk Security Operations Suite, we are taking a big step towards enabling truly self-healing autonomous edge so that enterprises can increase speed and accuracy of services delivered to end users.”

The Ivanti Neurons integration with the Splunk Security Operations Suite automates the discovery, management, and security of broadly heterogeneous endpoint environments. Triggered alerts for endpoint events are analyzed, correlated with other security data and visualized in Splunk Enterprise Security. Prioritized endpoint events are automatically passed on to Splunk Phantom for enhancement and the automated generation of enriched remediation tickets in Ivanti Service Manager. This enables teams to fully automate the discovery, monitoring and servicing of a broad array of traditional and modern endpoints. 

This Ivanti Neurons integration with the Splunk Security Operations Suite is available now for customers licensed on both solutions.