As we settle into the new year, we make plans for the months ahead. This often includes vacations and conferences, and if you're like us, you're already looking forward to the best conference of the year: Interchange!

We were in Nashville last year, Dallas the year before that, and for many years prior, Las Vegas. We decided to get back to our roots this year by hosting Interchange in Las Vegas on April 27-30.

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Still undecided? Even though we just told you it was going to be in Las Vegas? Ok, you're a tough one. To help persuade you, we asked Ivanti customers what they love most about the conference. Video and highlights from their responses are below. 

What is your biggest takeaway from Interchange conferences?

Adam Howard: My biggest takeaway from the Interchange conferences that I've been at have been less technical, and more interpersonal to myself and growth of my understanding of business. So I've learned more in communicating with users at Interchange, and getting more in depth with the one-on-ones with the product experts that it's just letting me be able to understand greater what the product suite is that we have access to; and how to solve other people's problems even if they're not my own.

What do you enjoy most about Ivanti Interchange?

Andy Martinez: I really enjoy Ivanti Interchange because of the breakout sessions. I was able to get more information about UWM products, EPM, and really bring those back to my company and incorporate them.

Joe Young: One of the things I've enjoyed in Interchanges in the past, that I think should continue through, is a collaboration between customer sessions and Ivanti employees. There were customers that were showing how they did their migration, and 30 other people sitting in the room learning how someone did it in the real world, rather than "here's a provision template that can do it for you." We hear how people actually used these pieces and how they were successful.

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