If you’re looking at the bigger picture where innovation makes a difference inside IT, among the top has to be unifying your data, getting timely and strategic insights from that data, and automating tasks that continue to bog down your ability to innovate.  

This short Ivanti Insights mini-webinar addresses the importance of these three things:

  1. Unifying data and discovery whether in real-time or through aggregated data sources
  2. Providing insights related to your data, so you can identify and remediate issues or know what priorities you should address next
  3. Taking action in context of your insights and automate actions and tasks to make the most of your resources

Ivanti Cloud_Data-Insight-Action_WebinarQuickTake_Vlog

This conversational style mini-webinar session is the second in a series of quick outtakes from an Ivanti Cloud webinar. Other mini-webinar sessions include: 

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