You want to know the status of your devices, and a map pops up. You only want to know what’s going on with devices in a particular location, so you draw a box around it. Now, what do you want to know about those devices? Many aspects of managing devices and processes within Ivanti Cloud are just that easy.  

This short Ivanti Insights mini-webinar includes quick demos hitting the following four areas:  

  1. Refine your device searches in new ways 
  2. See device health factors like how much free disk space is available 
  3. Check firewalls and encryption 
  4. Automate actions that create stronger security policy 

Ivanti Cloud_SecurityDemo_WebinarQuickTake_Vlog

This conversational style mini-webinar session is the fifth and final in a series of quick outtakes from an Ivanti Cloud webinar. Other mini-webinar sessions include: 

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