Request a demo for it asset managerAs I sit in Reagan National between flights, Ivanti has received confirmation that we’ve achieved the FedRAMP designation for our Ivanti Service Management solution. This, and the view out the window (through which I can see the Washington Monument) brings joy to my heart!

Earning this badge of honor means US agencies can now confidently achieve their mission with our modern service management tools, but it also means great things for private sector organizations.

What is FedRAMP?

First, an explanation of FedRAMP may be necessary. FedRAMP is an acronym that stands for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. It’s a government-wide program confirming Ivanti’s cloud-based service management solution has been validated and approved for deployment at a United States government agency.

There are requirements that assess security and includes ongoing monitoring after authorization. Getting FedRAMP Authorized is an extensive process, including ratification by a Third-Party Assessment Organization (3PAO). It also includes a review and Readiness Assessment Report (RAR) that needs to be approved by the FedRAMP program management office. The final step is an Authorization to Operate (ATO), which is signoff from our government agency customers, affirming that implementation is complete and the solution is cleared to handle the agency’s data.

Simply put: FedRAMP designation means the US government has determined Ivanti Service Manager cloud services, which includes Asset Manager on the same platform, are trustworthy for handling sensitive federal workloads and data. That’s an achievement accepted with pride, and not taken lightly.

So, what does this mean for private sector organizations that are exploring Ivanti Service Manager for modernized, cloud-based ITSM? How does a government compliance initiative play on Wall Street or Main Street? A few considerations:

Ready to Perform

Just like your business, government agencies can’t afford downtime or service disruption. FedRAMP designation is confidence your business can trust Ivanti for performance and stability.

Rigorously Tested

Your organization has almost certainly been through some government processes—even if it was something as simple as a tax filing. The extensive testing that government processes require means your organization will benefit from some serious security and quality assurance testing (in addition to the testing we do here at Ivanti, of course).

For Any Size Business

The US government is big, but some of the agencies within it are quite small. FedRAMP designation recognizes Ivanti Service Manager as being capable of handling the largest enterprise organizations. But because Ivanti doesn’t require extensive customization, it also means it’s fit for your organization, regardless of size.

Built for Expandability

Choosing Ivanti Service Manager offers the ability to easily expand your deployment with Ivanti Asset Manager, which fully integrates and runs on the same cloud platform. Unifying service and asset information enables the service desk to resolve incidents much faster, increase customer satisfaction, and enable more self-service. Also, knowing where all organizational assets are, at all times, is not only vital from a service and support perspective, but from a security standpoint, where lost or stolen assets become a risk to data integrity. It’s critical to manage assets throughout their entire lifecycle by, tracking performance data, issues, fixes, patch information, contracts to ensure software and hardware investments are running at optimal performance and not impacting employee productivity.