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Accuracy Reduces Costs in the Digital Supply Chain

Efficiency is a highly regarded benefit of the digital supply chain.  And why not? Efficiency offers long term cost control, productivity gains, and more.  Another major advantage that businesses will get comes in the form of accuracy. Accuracy comes in a number of forms, so let’s take a look at jus


Retail Peak Season: Looking Back and Planning Ahead

As global markets go, retail seems to be following a parallel path.  It’s a time where yesterday’s North is todays South, down is up and the number of exceptions seems to equal the number that justify any economic rule.  The 2018 retail holiday season began with a strong shot – with retailers (both


Brace Yourself: Black Friday is Coming

We spend months preparing for this – peak season in the retail supply chain. Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, or retailor, you want to leave nothing to chance. Consumers will be on the hunt to fulfill every wish on their shopping list.  You best ensure it’s readily available! Stockouts are a