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Brace Yourself: Black Friday is Coming

We spend months preparing for this – peak season in the retail supply chain. Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, or retailor, you want to leave nothing to chance. Consumers will be on the hunt to fulfill every wish on their shopping list.  You best ensure it’s readily available! Stockouts are a


Windows Mobile: The End is Near (or Here?)

Last month witnessed a major milestone in the shifting future of mobile computing. As Windows CE 6.0 passed the June 10th End of Extended Support date, the sun truly set on the first of four remaining mobile operating systems.  What’s the state of your migration plan? Findings by VDC Research in la


Using Tech to Attract Warehouse Talent

We see it in sports all the time, and it’s proving true in the supply chain also: Top talent wants to go where they have the best chance to win.  With many companies offering incentives for workers who exceed targets, it’s easy to see why.  As workers pursue new opportunities, the tools available at


MODEX 2018: Making IoT Connections in the Warehouse

On the heels of the MODEX show, connectivity is back in focus for many businesses.  If you missed the show, much of the attention was on augmented reality, robotics, and IoT.  Connecting these cool technologies into business use cases was hugely visible. It brought to mind all the tech workers are a


Meet Brandon Black: Supply Chain “Pro to Know”

With over 25 years of experience in mobile productivity, Brandon has collaborated with customers for supply chain success from a number of perspectives.  He's done it all - Engineering to Customer Service, Product Design, Project Management and Solution Implementations. He’s invested years on-site,