February is the month of love. 

It's marketed as one, anyway. Just walk into any grocery store and you'll be bombarded with the scent of fresh flowers and helium balloons. Tons of Valentine's Day cards line the aisles, too, so not being great with words is no excuse anymore. The staff writer at Hallmark is going to say what you couldn't say better than you could ever say it. So you better just buy the card or face the consequences.

But cultural pressure and stress of choosing the right gift is only one aspect of V-Day. There are a lot of things about the holiday that are fun and entertaining. Like romantic comedies.

Top romantic comedies according to our customers:

  1.  50 First Dates (x5)
  2.  Love Actually (x4)
  3.  10 Things I Hate About You (x3)
  4.  Deadpool (x3)
  5.  The Princess Bride (x3)
  6.  Crazy, Stupid Love (x2)
  7.  The Notebook (x2)
  8.  The Proposal (x2)
  9.  When Harry Met Sally (x2)
  10.  You've Got Mail (x2)

While we had our customers' attention, we asked them a few other V-Day and love-related questions.

What is your favorite Valentine's Day gift (either to buy or to receive)?

  1. N/A: I show love year-round and don't need to make a display one day out of the year. (x18)
  2. Nice Dinner (x15)
  3. Chocolate (x13)
  4. N/A: I'm single (x7)

What do you love most about working in IT?

"Saving the day and also securing our environment." —​ Joel

"The always-changing landscape." —​ Jason

"Being able to help people and see that smile on their face when you pull some magic trick out of the technology you have implemented." —​ Karl

"Being able to work in a field that I like and am successful in." —​ David

"Creating amazing things using data connectivity." —​ Ross M.

"Every day is a new challenge and an opportunity to learn something new." —​ Curtis

"Helping others. Solving problems; it is like a puzzle." —​ Thomas Smith

"I get to experience Christmas multiple times a year when unboxing new equipment." —​ Brian

"I have always said that I love clicking the buttons! Configuration and implementation!" —​ Adam Howard

"I love the ability to work with so many divisions and technologies!" —​ Max

"My awesomely amazing sometimes geeky coworkers and the endless number of puzzles to solve provided by our end users." —​ Kelly

"The jokes that no one else gets and the people I work with." —​ Nikki

What do you love most about Ivanti?

"Push model of patching." —​ Walter

"Being able to joke with and laugh with the support folks is always a delight. It makes the (sometimes long) phone calls a fun experience." —​ Max

"Community engagement. I like how you are building a culture around you, not only a company." —​ Daniel

"Easy to use." —​ Berkin

"Endpoint manager is such an amazing product.  But I love the company atmosphere the most. Everyone seems to care, and be helpful." —​ Karl

"Familiar feel of products and innovative products." —​ Arthur

"How logical it is." —​ Nikki

"How they interact with customers." —​ Grimnash

"I love how Ivanti has given me a single powerful tool to maintain our environment." —​ Jason

"Insiders definitely, and the way you prove you care about customers first." —​ Adam Howard

"Ivanti helps me meet the always rising expectations of my managers." —​ Michael M.

"Patching is easy and efficient." —​ Joel

"The interaction with the people and the influence in the technology." —​ Frank

"The networking and the support." —​ Thomas Smith

If you had to use one of the following romantic movie lines on someone, which would it be?

  1. "As you wish." (x21)
  2. "To me, you are perfect." (x14)
  3. "You complete me." (x10)
  4. "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." (x8)
  5. "I wish I knew how to quit you." (x8)

And on that note, we want all of our customers to know that you are perfect and you complete us. If you are birds, we are birds, too. We wish we knew how to quit you but birds don't quit on each other, so we'll continue to do as you wish. (Really could have used the staff writer at Hallmark for this part.)

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