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This Week’s Big News: It’s All About Ivanti!

The Summer 2017 edition of Silicon Slopes magazine features a great article by Ivanti CEO Steve Daly: “Careers In Utah: The Tech Community’s Responsibility To Keep Them Here.” Steve highlights the many advantages Utah offers both new and established companies. Notable among these is “an extensive pool of young, hard-working, highly educated job candidates coming out of top universities like Brigham Young University and the University of Utah.” Another strong draw is housing that is “significantly more affordable than what you find in other tech-centric parts of the country.”

Steve also discusses why companies that benefit from Utah’s advantages should do more to give back, and holds up Ivanti’s commitment to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education as an example. “By helping the next generation of Utah’s tech industry, extending our company missions into a purpose greater than our own, we can create a self-sustaining ecosystem that develops the best talent and tech innovation for years to come.”

Elsewhere in the news, Ivanti Chief Security Officer (CSO) Phil Richards was part of a panel of experts interviewed by Huffington Post for a piece entitled “What’s The Future Of IoT Security?” Phil anticipates a future in which security becomes a selling point for products seeking to become part of the Internet of Things. “You will be able to update the digital certificate of your lightbulb, create a VLAN for your baby monitor, and patch your toaster.”

On the webinar front, we hosted a lively and well-attended session on Tackling Office 365 Deployment Challenges. Ivanti Product Managers Neil Barnett and Paul Whalley provided useful guidance and answers to several questions from participants. Enjoy the on-demand version of the webinar, and look for follow-up blog posts soon.

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If you and your colleagues will be in or near Washington, DC this week, you can also see and hear Ivanti Security Specialist John Krug discuss “Defense in-depth” at the Tech Security Strategies Conference on August 10, hosted by Data Connectors. Hope to see you there!