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July Patch Tuesday: A Time to Strengthen Your Defenses

July saw 17 new bulletins from Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, and other leading enterprise software vendors. Of these, 11 were critical, and 13 were user-targeted. Overall, a relatively calm month, but as our Patch Tuesday team wisely advises, “Don't get too comfortable, though. If history is any indication, we're in the eye of the cyber threat storm. So, use the downtime wisely: fewer updates today mean you can really focus on the public disclosures to get your house in order before the winds start picking up.” So read the July Patch Tuesday blog post, check out the on-demand webinar, review the presentation and infographic, and take full advantage of the calm before the next storm.

Blog Posts of the Week

Coming Up This Week

  • Thursday, July 20: 5 Things That Will Transform IT Service Management – a webinar that will look at five factors driving significant transformation of ITSM and IT. Featured speakers: published author and Ivanti senior vice president Kevin J. Smith, and senior product marketing manager David Martinez.

You’ll also have several opportunities to interact with Ivanti team members in person around the world this week. On July 17, we’ll be at the West Virginia State Technology Conference 2017. On July 18, we’ll be at the Indianapolis VMware User Group (VMUG) seminar, and hosting the Sydney, Australia edition of our Interchange Global Tour. On July 19, Ivanti will be exhibiting at the SDI Software Showcase in Manchester, UK, and at the ITSM Summit in Houston, TX. And on July 20, Ivanti will be at the Healthcare Cybersecurity Conference in Salford, UK, and hosting Interchange in Melbourne, Australia. Looking forward to seeing you at one or more of these events!