The dust is far from settled, but as you will have seen (here) we are busy integrating RES Software into the rapidly-expanding Ivanti family. Between the positive press comments (here for example) and social media (for example) we have also been inundated with questions and requests for more information from partners, customers and the wider ecosystem. Here’s some clarification on the most frequent enquiries:

Q: Who are RES Software?

A: RES is a software vendor, headquartered out of the Netherlands, that delivers user environment management and identity governance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Their vision of automating IT and unifying IT operations with security and service management is closely aligned to our own vision for unifying IT.

More specifically, over the last 18 years RES has evolved from improving the user experience in Citrix virtual desktops and sessions into a more service management-like offering, specialized in IT workflows and automation, especially related to user accounts and identity.

Q: Why did Ivanti acquire RES?

A: Multiple reasons! RES has technology that is very complimentary to our own, especially in the ITSM areas such as workflow automation and identity provisioning. RES also brings over 200 connectors to third party systems for automating administration of user identities and access, which fits well into our vision of unifying IT and bringing disparate systems together.

While there is overlap with the User Workspace Management products we acquired with AppSense, RES has typically sold into different geographical markets with particular strength in EMEA and the Benelux region. RES also has a strong partner network and ecosystem that we look forward to bringing into the Ivanti family, along with a committed base of around 2,500 customers.

Q: What will happen to the RES product lines?

A: At Ivanti we always focus on the customer first, and we want to build on that success. We want to reassure RES customers and partners that there will be no sudden changes to the product portfolio. All three major product lines – RES ONE Workspace, RES ONE Automation and RES ONE Identity Director – are fully supported and maintained just as they were before the acquisition, and will continue to be supported and maintained for the foreseeable future.

Over time we will bring together the best of our technologies and leverage the RES assets to deliver a great roadmap for all our customers, but for the balance of 2017 we are focusing on continuation of the RES business as it currently operates. We will communicate further updates as we refine the product roadmap.

Q: What will happen to the (former) AppSense product lines?

A: Nothing changes with the User Workspace Manager (formerly AppSense) product lines – we continue to invest, support and maintain product lines just as we did before the RES acquisition. We will continue with Feature Release updates in 2017 and have more exciting features just around the corner. Over time we will bring together the best of our technologies and leverage the RES assets to deliver a great roadmap for all our customers. We will communicate further updates as we refine the plan.

Q: What will happen to the RES name?

A: The RES name is well-known and respected, and we don’t want to lose that. However, it is difficult to maintain many brands within one company. To minimize costs and confusion, while taking advantage of its brand recognition, RES will be folded into the Ivanti brand, and the products will be rebranded as “powered by RES.”

Q: What about Bob?

A: Bob Janssen, the founder and CTO of RES will remain with the business, taking a role in the Ivanti engineering team, and ensuring continuity of the RES vision with partners, customers and employees. We are excited for him to bring his passion, spirit of innovation, and deep domain expertise to Ivanti.

We hope that gives some guidance on the most pressing questions. Over time we will flesh out our integration plans and be able to share more. If you have questions, please reach out – we would love to hear from you!