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User Workspace Management and the Future of AppSense DesktopNow and RES ONE Workspace

Since Ivanti acquired RES Software in July, the number one question has been: “What is the future of the RES Workspace product?” Since Ivanti (then Landesk) had already acquired AppSense in April 2016, there is clear overlap in product functionality. We posted an interim answer in July, and we are n


RES Acquisition FAQ With Jon Rolls

The dust is far from settled, but as you will have seen (here) we are busy integrating RES Software into the rapidly-expanding Ivanti family. Between the positive press comments (here for example) and social media (for example) we have also been inundated with questions and requests for more informa


What to Expect From Ivanti at Citrix Synergy

Given today’s date, it would be expected to start this blog with a lame "may the fourth be with you" joke. But this is highbrow technical insight and not a hammy gags forum, so let’s just say that I thought about it and decided not to. Which would have been admirable if I then didn’t then scatter FI


Ransomware-As-A-Service Explained by VP of Product Management, Jon Rolls

Basically all these ransomware variants can be blocked with one simple technique: whitelisting. The trick is to minimize the admin overhead of setting up a whitelist, and that is where we have unique and compelling solutions.  This RaaS trend also shows the weakness of traditional (signature-based)