Greetings. In case you were wondering, “ICYMI” is short for “in case you missed it.” And this is a weekly digest of recent news, events, and content in and around Ivanti and We hope you find it both interesting and useful. Let us know via email to [email protected] – and thanks!

This Week’s Big News: No Known Exploits (So Far, Anyway)!

Wow. This month’s Patch Tuesday infographic say it all: “August Patch Tuesday continues the trend of providing some time to get your house in order.” That’s because there were 13 critical updates, but as Chris Goettl points out in his August Patch Tuesday blog post, “only two public disclosures and no known exploited.” Check out the post, then log into the on-demand webinar for specific guidance to help you set your priorities and address the most important issues at your enterprise. Then, start preparing for next month.

In Other News: Ivanti’s STEM Outreach Program Closing Event!

On Friday, August 11, Ivanti employees hosted a number of youth from the local Midvale Boys and Girls Club at the closing event for the summer session of the Ivanti STEM Outreach Program. That program encourages youth interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics studies and careers. A great time was had by all, and two lucky students were awarded Chromebook laptops. Read more in the great blog post by our STEM outreach coordinator, Bruce Cutler.

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Coming Up This Week

You also have opportunities to interact with Ivanti in person and real time this week. If you’re attending Citrix ServTech August 15-17 in Austin, or our ITSM Summit August 17 in Atlanta, we look forward to seeing you!