Sure, Interchange is a big deal. SKO is important, too. But while the rest of the year is focused on The Power of Unified IT™, the fall months are centered around The Power of Ivanti Halloween™. 

Mid-August is about when the planning starts. Departments choose a theme, set a budget, and start making costumes. Everyone loses years of their lives trying to one-up each other in terms of both the transformation of their offices as well as how many rolls of construction paper they can use. (The fourth floor turned an entire hallway into a cave, so they win on that front.)

Here is a look at all the different groups:

Marketing: The Jungle

Finance: "Tombstone"

HR: "The Grinch"

Field Marketing: "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Engineering: "Pirates of the Caribbean"

SDRs: "Elf"

Are you impressed yet? If you said no, you might be the Grinch of Halloween. But we know you're not, because that was Sue Urses' costume.

Check out this Facebook album to see more photos and also take a virtual tour of #IvantiHalloween below. It doesn't compare to being in person, but it still captures The Power of Ivanti Halloween™.