Ivanti solves the common desktop challenges that financial services providers face.

Here’s how:

Keep employees productive and business moving with fast logon times and responsive applications

  • Eliminate reliance on logon scripts and group policies that slow down logons.
  • Lightning fast access with just-in-time delivery of policy and settings.

Fast, consistent performance of mission-critical applications

  • Ensure that resource hungry applications don’t impact other users in shared environments.
  • Give priority applications the resources they need when your business needs them most.

Secure your environment without interrupting user productivity

  • Apply privilege management contextually by application.
  • Prevent malware from executing and provide zero-day threat protection through application control.

Improve user density

  • Get more out of your existing investments with 40% more users per XenApp server.

Ensure a consistent user experience

  • Ensure a seamless user experience regardless of device or location.
  • Centrally manage users contextually receive the right data, settings and applications.

We help accelerate and ensure the success of key desktop projects impacting the healthcare industry today including:

Windows 10 Migration

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Desktop Security

We’re experts in meeting the unique needs of the financial services industry.

Nationstar Mortgage

Consistent user experience at peak usage times

Reduced trouble ticked average form 300 per day to 10

Decreased logon times from as long as 3 minutes to under 20 seconds

Increased sever density by 10%

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Blocked all unauthorized applications at kernel level

Proactive protection against executable and script-based viruses, spyware, peer-to-peer and hacker tools

Optimal system stability and integrity for 1500 Xen App servers

Automatic logging of all security-related events

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Banner Bank

Doubles return on AppSense solutions investment through cost savings

Increased user density by nearly 4 to 1 improved productivity

Reduced help desk calls and trouble tickets

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Learn why 10 of the top 13 global financial institutions rely on AppSense solutions to solve common desktop problems and deliver a great user experience.

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