Given today’s date, it would be expected to start this blog with a lame "may the fourth be with you" joke. But this is highbrow technical insight and not a hammy gags forum, so let’s just say that I thought about it and decided not to. Which would have been admirable if I then didn’t then scatter FIVE Star Wars-themed puns through this article. See if you can find them all.

So what can you expect to see from Ivanti at Citrix Synergy this year? First, this is the big coming-out party for our new name as AppSense is now part of a much larger organization formed from companies like Front Range, Lumension, LANDESK, Shavlik and more. We have over 1,700 employees now and massive global reach, and our partnership with Citrix is renewed as we support secure, personalize and optimize Cloud and on-prem desktops, virtual and physical, and also enhance and protect the next wave of applications.

More specifically, what will we be showing?

  • Office 365 is the fastest growing wave in the Windows ecosystem with over 100 Million business users. Adoption in virtual desktops and sessions has been slowed by user experience challenges, but we have an amazing new solution to demo, built on our existing Environment Manager product that captures caches for Outlook, OneDrive and other apps in a container layer (Leia).
  • OneDrive for Business is part of Office 365 but most IT organizations have no idea how to use it in a secure, audited and policy-controlled manner. Again, we have brand new tech that puts IT back in charge with an on-prem broker that directs endpoint access and prevents users from going rogue (one).
  • Windows 10 is inevitable but how are you going to ensure a smooth migration? Whether virtual, physical or session-based using Windows Server 2016, sooner or later users will be transitioning to the Windows 10 experience and demanding Millennial (Falcon) workstyles. See how we can effortlessly gather and migrate their persona and file data from whatever endpoints or servers they have today.
  • Secure Remote Access remains a core use case for application delivery using Citrix solutions whether on the LAN, (Obi) WAN or public internet. Learn how we provide the tightest security and protection to ensure users can work safely and your organization can avoid ransomware on XenApp and XenDesktop estates.
  • Desktop Virtualization Project Acceleration – user acceptance is a key challenge in any kind of desktop transformation project. Ivanti’s DesktopNow product lines have overcome these challenges for 10+ years and are a key part of our strategy for delivering user-centric IT to every end(or) point.
  • Patch Management, especially of the datacenter and XenApp/XenDesktop servers and hypervisors – see Ivanti’s best-of-breed management for all datacenter assets, to ensure your Citrix server farm remains protected from known exploits and bugs.

We look forward to seeing you at Synergy! We promise no cheesy puns.

Come and rock with an ewok. (Ewoks not included)

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