There are many important decisions to make in the process of building a new office. From cubicle designs and furniture to who gets the corner office with a view, the project can be daunting.

But perhaps the most important aspects of a new building are less obvious. 

We asked our employees one such crucial question:

What theme should we use in naming our conference rooms?  

In the order of most to least popular...

  1. 49.11% – World Sites (Great Wall, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, Forbidden City, Taj Mahal, etc.)
  2. 43.20% – Cities Around the World (Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Moscow, London, New York, etc.)
  3. 33.14% – Other Theme Idea (please specify)
  4. 22.49% – Superheroes (Ironman, Thor, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.)
  5. 20.12% – Fictional Characters (Luke Skywalker, Captain Kirk, Michael Scott, Leslie Knope, etc.)
  6. 17.75% – Historical Figures (Abraham Lincoln, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, etc.)
  7. 12.43% – 80s Bands (Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Duran Duran, Journey, etc.)
  8. 9.47% – TV Sitcoms (Friends, Seinfeld, The Office, Modern Family, etc.)
  9. 9.47% – Action Movies (The Avengers, Jason Bourne, James Bond, Mission Impossible, Die Hard, etc.)
  10. 5.33% – Ice Cream Flavors (Rocky Road, Butter Pecan, Neopolitan, etc.)

To expand on number three, "Other Theme Idea (please specify)", here were a few memorable suggestions:

  • Star Trek
  • The Princess Bride Quotes, e.g.. "Inconceivable" for the big conference room, "Anyone want a peanut?" for another room, and "Pit of Despair" for one of the engineering rooms. Oh one that would be fun is the "Cliffs of Insanity" or "R-O-U-S's" or "To the Pain" and many more.
  • Classic Airplanes (Mustang, Corsair, Flying Fortress, Wildcat, Dauntless, Superfortress)
  • Famous Golf Courses: August National, Pebble Beach, Spyglass, St. Andrews, Muirfield, Carnoustie, etc.
  • Marvel Universe Famous Locations: Aesgaard, Wakanda, Vormir, Avengers Tower, Nine Relms, Ego, Tonsberg, Sokovia, etc. 
  • The Beatles Albums
  • Greek and Roman Mythology

And approximately three party poopers:

  • Consistent numbering
  • Please no themes just give them numbers
  • Let's not make it cute—let's go with numbers like we have now. Makes it easy to find where you're going.

In addition to the conference room theme, we also asked this question:

What activities would you like to have in the break room?

  1. 46.72% – Pool
  2. 46.72% – Ping Pong
  3. 43.44% – Air Hockey
  4. 32.79% – Foosball
  5. 27.05% – Other (please specify)
  6. 23.77% – Corn Hole
  7. 18.03% – All of the Above
  8. 16.39% – Lego Bins

To expand on number five, "Other (please specify)", here are a few memorable activity suggestions:

  • Meditation area, graffiti/art wall
  • TVs with gaming systems
  • Darts (plastic tip)
  • DIY robotics lab
  • Doodle wall
  • Library 
  • Pinball 
  • Puzzles
  • Guitar Hero
  • An art or creation room of some sort
  • Napping stations

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